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October 19, 2008


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Heidi German

I'm not brave enough to let any of mine go! LOL I think they're still so hard to find for me that any that I come across are too dear to let go. I've only been collecting for about 5 years and I only buy at thrifts/garage sales but I guess I live in too new of any area to come across them regularly. I've even considered making some ornament wreaths, but the thought of *wasting* my precious ornaments on a wreath has kept me from it! LOL


I thrifted my first box of Shiny Brites a couple of weeks ago. They are in the exact same red/gold box that you have. There were several boxes but I just bought one because I KNOW I already have at least 2 of the same boxes from last year. They are irresistible, but I'm trying not to buy too many...but, then again, maybe an ornament wreath would be cute...hmmm.


MY goodness between your stash and all the ones that http://magpieethel.typepad.com/my_weblog/2008/10/christmas-ball-overload.html has - I wonder if there are anymore out there????? I love Shiny Brites, too. ;o)


Are you becoming Scary Christmas Lady? Just kidding.... very brave of you to admit to having over 500!!!


I firmly believe that it is physically impossible to have "too many" vintage Christmas ornaments. I love them SO much, and I get SO excited when I find them! I am definitely under their spell - I cannot resist. And I love reading about (and seeing!) everybody else's, too! although I feel more than a twinge of envy, I must admit. Yours are beautiful!


They really are beautiful - but, wow, that is a lot of ornaments!


Okay, I think we have a tie between us and our ornament collections. That picture of them on your dining room table is a glorious sight!


REMEMBER: I have first dibs on any orange ones!!


Gorgeous pile of ornaments! I think that calculator is way off. I know we put well over a thousand ornaments on our 7.5' tree every year. The more the merrier!


I think I gasped when I saw this glittery goodness! OH MY GOSH! You are one lucky woman! Think about playing the lottery! The pinks and aquas are what I'm after these days!


Can you ever really have tooo many? I put them everywhere. In garlands over doors, in wreaths, piles in bowls and vases....everywhere!!! If you have ever seen the White House or Biltmore House at Christmas, you know you cannot have too many!


Well, that is an interesting formula. I had 12 decorated trees last year and I think I'm up to at least 13 this year. I think then I am possibly on track with the ornaments. Good job I say. xo, suzy


Here's the whole problem. You don't have too many ornaments. Your just don't have enough trees!
which I could have sorted with you. Really and cool collection.

LiLi M.

You are so wise! ;-)

I can read that the other ladies are all doubting your theory!


Mmmmmmm - a lovely collection! I'm not sure I could part with a single one of my vintage ornies.

I had to chuckle at Heidi's comment about not wanting to "waste" any making a wreath! I find myself feeling that way about lots of my vintage stash. What if I run out??? FAT CHANCE! But still... a girl can never be too careful about safeguarding her vintage goods.


I've just been lookinga at ones like that on Ebay. When I was 17 my parents moved and I had gone ahead of them. When it was all said and done they didn't have room for several boxes. One was our Christmas ornaments. They were left behind! Since then I have vowed to find some vintage ornaments to recreate my childhood.


last year i scored a bunch on ebay, but they were all the skinny 6 ornie boxes. i think i have 8 of those. and then i have some loose ones from previous buys. i dont think i have over 70 tho. they add up fast! most of mine are plain, with a few special ones
your collection is scrumptious


my golden rule......thou shalt Not EVER pass up a vintage christmas ornament!!

Beth Leintz

I don't think you can ever have too many of the GOOD ornaments- the indents, the snow trimmed, the stripes, but I've gotten to where I can pass on the ordinary Shiny Brites- unless of course they come in a cool old box.

Linda B

I am also addicted to vintage Christmas ornaments. I have at least twice as many as any sane person needs, but then again, "what if we do two trees this year?" Or someday. It is the one collection I can never have too many of because as long as there is a square foot of unused space in the attic, this is one collection you don't have to find space for in the house every day. A couple of years ago my son in law, knowing how I love them, gave me a whole crate of them that had belonged to his grandparents in the 30s! What a great son in law. And I can't wait to get them down and revisit them again this year!

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