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October 13, 2008


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LiLi M.

I like this too. I also have to think that someone took a lot of time and a lot of effort and somebody else just sells this or gives it to charity. It is so good that we cannot peak here after our death (that is what I believe anyway, but you don't have to tell me anything about your feelings what it's like after we are dead, you can, but you don't have to). Yeah, yeah I know I still owe you the candy by strangers in Holland story. Coming soon!


Very pretty linens. I guess that's just what they did back in the day. I have a few linens that my grandmother did and I'm just amazed at the work.


"Thankfully, I hardly ever won."

heehee. :)

Rabecca G

These linens are beautiful. I love to embroider linens and I've started looking for vintage ones that I can finish. Again, thank you for sharing.


There is a term used for the process used in the raised flowers - trapunto. I think it's actually a quilting term.

Beautiful linens!

Diane ( Crafty Passions)

I love old linen and go out of my way to get some, but like you, its scary how much you can acquire rather quickly,but how can you pass up a piece of linen so lovingly done in those tiny little stitches, sooo pretty and just waiting for you...

Stacey Newton

Just found your blog via Lili M - Can't wait to read your archives:) Your images are wonderful!


I can't resist embroidered items either. Pretty post.

Beth Leintz

I had stopped by auction linens, too- but started again when I went to Walmart and priced kitchen towels- they want $4 for one towel- heck, sometimes I can get a whole boxful for $3- and end up with some classics like your pink damask.


I have the hardest time passing on old lines too. It amazes me the work that was put into them. I have tried to pare down my collection a few times but it is still way too large!

Susan at Black eyed susans kitchen

I also have a soft spot for vintage linens. Especially anything that was worked on by another woman. Embroidered tablecloths are my downfall. Susan


yea, i was going to say its trapunto too. its really a pretty technique, you stuff the bits with cording from the back. have i ever shown you my appliqued/embroidered guy in the red union suit with the raised leather butt???


lest you think i was kidding....


I'm a sucker for hand embroidered pieces, too. Since I do embroider a lot I feel a kinship with the pieces I find - knowing how much time went into the making and imagining them sitting with their families listening to the evening radio shows. Born in the wrong time, I was. :)


it's a good thing i've never been to an auction! how could you resist? i love the old linens some of the work on them is incredible! i was lucky enough to get some of the beautiful ones my grandmother made.

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