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November 26, 2008


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Jayme L.

Love your Thanksgiving pictures! You always put up the cutest displays. I envy you having a small, cozy dinner. We always have to host or attend some crazy circus of a dinner, with barely enough silverware, and absolutely no chance of matching plates. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the leftovers!


Love - love - love your Thanksgiving decorations. You have them displayed so nicely. I also like your family rule and totally agree with it.

Your feast sounds delicious. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

LiLi M.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! We over here don't have time for such a party, as Santa is still empty handed and he is supposed to visit us Friday the 5th of December. But I like to sit and think of last year too, as you did. Might have a little thanksgiving party on the blog, while you all are eating turkey. Have a great day and enjoy your meal!


This is probably one of my favorite posts of yours ever! From describing your feast for 5, to the swirling vortex, to the acknowledgment that we now have friends we never knew existed.... so true!


I absolutely love everything you have on your shelf - it looks great. I want to wish you a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving, too!


I agree with vintagesue, this is a wonderful post. I love your decorations - everything seems so homey and cozy and welcoming. I think your Thanksgiving sounds wonderful.I hope you have lots of fun (even with your wacky MIL)!


You know..I have corn syrup in my pantry and I think I have only used it once in 10 years. Hmmm..I might see if there is an experiation date!!


I feel the same way that you do. This year did stink a whole lot! But my Mom and I have also met so many wonderful new blog friends!So now I look forward to Christmas and then a New Year!
I can't wait to see your Christmas decorations.
Happy Thanksgiving, Lindsey

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

Barbara, I just LOVE your snarkiness.....I too have formed so many friendships and count you as one of them...thanks for all the visits to my blog this year...the sweet giveaway you sent me and for your friendship!
And I think The "No Decorating until after Thanksgiving Rule" is just like the "no white after labor day rule" and rules are MADE to be broken. I for one broke lots of rules this year!

Kim G.

Your Thanksgiving display is great and it's a bit of a shame Christmas comes so fast because you could leave it up longer! Hope you and your Thanksgiving guests (including one wacky mother-in-law) have a great time together. Blessings, Kim


I always enjoy your posts, but I especially enjoyed this one. A happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. I'm behind on everything, as my birthday fell on Wed and I spent the day for me. That is why I'm up at 2:30 reading blogs before I start working on the birds.


I am such a slug, I never decorate for Thanksgiving. I love seeing all of your decorations and especially love your turkey plates. Have a great Thanksgiving with the wacky mom-in-law!


I forgot to mention that under my Facebook (my new obsession) picture, I put "Like a box of vintage pipe cleaners, I am a bundle o' fun." Hah!

Aunt Barbie

Hi There, Where in the world do you find all of those Gurleys??And they look perfect too!Happy Thanksgiving! Aunt Barbie


i love your turkey plates! ANd all your other thanksgiving and christmas decor!! Rosemary

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