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December 01, 2008


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julie thompson

Hi Barbara...just popping in to tell you how much I love my little angel package...very sweet! And I passed on a round vintage tablecloth with fringe at the thrift store last week...may have to see if it's still there waiting to be made into a tree skirt.

Heidi German

Love it! I've seen the Bethany Lowe garland you're referring to and I thought the same thing. She has a similar garland for 4th of July that would be fun if you can find the right color of bells/beads. I'll have to see if I can scare up some of the bells. Thanks for sharing!

Joanna {sweet finds}

Cute idea. Thanks for sharing. I love the wrapping paper too. I'll definitely have to check back to see the others. :) xoxo, Joanna


Your garland is so clever and very pretty, Barbara.
Also, I adore the wrapping paper. They just don't make it like that anymore. I can see already that your blog is going to be THE place to be until Christmas. Such fun things you have been showing and I look forward to more wrapping paper.

Account Deleted

Your garland is lovely! I hope all is well with you!


Hi Kim, I really like your garland. Vintage Christmas things have so much charm, I think. The paper is very sweet too.

I know that cake decorating stores have similar bells in various sizes. I think they are usually used to decorate wedding cakes, but they'd be perfect for making a garland. You'd have to glitter them, but that shouldn't take too long.

I was wondering, is it ok for us to copy and save the wrapping paper images?

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful treasures and ideas! I appreciate it!


Wow! Love the stars on the paper!! Too pretty!

Account Deleted

Fabulous! I luv vintage xmas paper. Who wouldn't? xo, suzy

Beth Leintz

You are a patient woman to thread that garland but it looks great.

I'm hoping you're going to keep scanning that paper so I can download it- I love vintage wrapping, too- but haven't found any in awhile :(


Love both your garland and the vintage paper!


This looks like something in my home when I grew up. Those blue beads and the white bells. It strikes a fun memory inside me. I need to know where you live . . .or how to get things like you do! This is really killing me. My childhood ornaments were left behind when my parents moved (when I was 17) and this makes me ache for them.

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