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November 21, 2008


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Beautiful! You are really putting me in the Christmas spirit!


Your wreath is absolutely gorgeous! So are those ornaments. I can't really afford to spend money right now - but I will definitely check out your auctions!


Love it! I. too have sold those and have a handful of branches...hmm...


I love that wreath.

Sounds like something I would do - make a totally awesome wreath that in no way, shape, or form matches my decor!

I'm already trying to figure out what the heck to do with all these melted record bowls that I spent minutes making.


I love the wreath! If it were silver and red I'd be the highest bidder LOL


Nice reuse of those branches. I used to see tons of orphan branches and always passed them up. (Mostly because I am 100% positive my cats will chew on an aluminum tree. While chewing on a plastic tree doesn't = surgery, chewing on shredded metal? pretty sure that = surgery. LOL)

Just send those poor lonely ornies to me. (wink)

Jenna Z

Oh, you will probably tea up at this story. We had not one but TWO vintage tinsel trees that were taking up space in the little house (behind the big house that we lived in on the farm was a little house that we stored things in) Mom got a grand idea one day and I remember she and I plunking the branches into the ground at the beginning and end of each row in he garden to keep the birds away. They were used for a few more summers before they were too tarnished too shine away crows, then they went in the garbage. Now we're searching for a vintage tree to go with our mid century mod house and can't hardly find one!


Your wreath looks great! I just got some vintage ornaments on eBay, it was quite a back and forth "nemesis potential" auction!


I love that wreath. But I think I better start watching my back when I'm junking with you.

LiLi M.

I'm so behind with reading and blogging and everything...before I get a nervous break down I want to tell you that I love your snowman in the previous post and your wreath well everything, what's new? Have a great weekend!


Could you please refrain from selling anything until I go back to work and have some money to spend? Thanks. (Love the wreath!)

Joanna {sweet finds}

I love it all. You have some great stuff. Aluminum trees are selling for $250 at the antique mall I have a booth in. I wish I could find one cheap... but knowing me, I'd probably keep it. xoxo, Joanna

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

I WANT that wreath! But I'm busy at this very moment making one of my own...(not tinsel...I WISH!) that will go on Ebay next week. I go back and forth with EBAY and currently I'm liking it. I love the corsage pieces you included on the wreath too!


love the story!
such beautiful bulbs and your wreath is gorgeous


I didn't see the wreath on Ebay - did you decide not to list it?

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