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November 20, 2008


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I love the snowman. I'm always excited about that first snowfall, and even a good snow storm.


This is adorable!! I totally understand your craving approval from a 14 year daughter, I have one of those too and approval from them is hard to get. :)


OMG..you're so lucky with the snow. I'm waiting, but all we get is snowflakes here and there.

I absolutely love your snowmen...they are too cute! You're very talented and creative.


Margaret McCormick

Wow -- you have a lot more snow out there than we do here in the city limits! I love your snowman decor in the vintage jar -- adorable. Ditto on Carson in the snow!


I LOVE that "scene in a jar"...and already have similar supplies so I'm putting it on my to-do list. Thanks!


I love that you have snow. We get a dusting or a couple of inches every year but never a good dumping. The jar is great - totally happy and whimsical. I know about the approval thing from your kids...my son (16) asked me when I would be getting all my inventory out of the living room since he missed sitting on our couch and reading! oh well....


Look at how deep it is on the picnic table! It will be a long time still before we see snow here, and Jack and I are both getting ants in the pants with the waiting...


That little snowman in a jar is absolutely adorable! You just have to smile when you see him! (And that dog looks pretty cute too!)


I think you are having way too much fun over there. Can I come over and play with you ? :-)


Love your project!! I just looked up, and huge flakes are coming down! Maybe I will get going on something fun, too.


Look at that cute snowman and all that damn snow! Thank goodness it's you and not me! xo, suzy

Beth Leintz

Oh snow.....I'm not anxious to see it, but it sure is a great background for your cute snowman. Love the picture of that darling Carson.


I love the snowman in the jar! I know what you mean about the kids approval....it just feels good :) Hope all is well!

Kim G.

The little snowman looks so happy in his little land! Gee I wish we had snow, my lilacs are blooming! Ahhhh! It's been in the 70's for weeks, we are happy to get below 70 and have an overcast sky. Can't even begin to imagine snow!

Tina in Duluth

That is the cutest decoration ever! Love it!

I'm also a mom who craves attention and approval from a teenage girl. Now that she is 17, things have improved and she actually gives me compliments sometimes, like "you don't dress as nasty as most moms" - hey, we take what we can get, right?

Molly Fryer

Oh girl!! I was so shocked to see the elves and snowmen of my childhood. Those adorned our Christmas tree in the 50s and 60s. I have none, but wish I did. I should check ebay. Thanks for the memories
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