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November 24, 2008


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I really am gonna have to find some of these picks so I can try some of these guys!! They are so cute!!

Lady of the Mote

They are just adorable!


OMG, I LOVE THESE!!!! The pink one is my favorite but really, they are all fabulous. You should sell these. I bet you would make a fortune. I'm just a little concerned about the snowman dating the pixie. But better Frosty than the old guy.


I love them too!
Santa and the Snowman are my favorites.

I also like the
Snowman in the jar. Great Job!



I had never been a fan of those little 'pipecleaner with the wood ball head' creations... UNTIL you brought them to life in your Blog!!! Now I have my eyes peeled for them, their expressions give them such personality! This is YOUR FAULT, I blame YOU completely!!

Margaret McCormick

Love the snowmen, all of them, but must single out the one on skis. The elves that look like they're wearing eyeliner are a little scary! Have a Happy Thanksgiving...


Thanks for the comments about my mom. The security guard said there are no cameras in the grocery section so they think it might be someone who used to work there and knows the system. But they did find my mom's wallet, minus the cash and cards and license. But they have just moved so it was still their old address. She called the lady who bought the house just to give her a heads up and stuff...some people!!


Great little family of holiday fun you have created. I love those vintage heads. Your post on the skiing Snowman is GREAT...I can almost hear his skis whizzing down the slopes!


Love them, love them, love them!!! I am printing the photos to save for future crafting with "the twins". Or maybe me if I have a gosh-darned minute!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

they are just adorable! True vintage! If I had more time/supplies I'd make a whole neighborhood!

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