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November 19, 2008


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What beautiful pictures!

(but I'm glad it's you guys.) :)

(our time will come...I'm in WI.)


It is as pretty as a picture. I'm glad this picture was taken in your yard and not mine. It's below freezing here and I'm cold. I think it will be a long winter.


How beautiful...we just got a dusting..definitely not enough! I love snow!



Oh but it is so pretty and I wish we had some in Tennessee. Love your blog.


Beautiful! You sure have a lot of snow!! I especially love the photo of the snow on the apples. We get a lot of snow in Michigan also, but we don't have that much yet.


Oh how pretty! I love snow.

Try to stay warm Barbara, and safe driving to you!


We had a little dusting yesterday but 9 inches would cripple our city!!


Everyone's pics of this snow storm look like soap bubbles!


I'm so jealous of your snow! Here in South West Missouri we don't get hardly any snow at all. It's so beautiful!


Oh it's beautiful! But SOOOOO happy it's not Virginia! Love the red outbuilding! What do you use it for?


Oh, how pretty that snow looks with the blue sky. We rarely get snow so I will enjoy your pictures while dreaming of a white Christmas.


The pictures you took are gorgeous! The first snowfall is always fun & beautiful, after that it becomes a chore.

Joanna {sweet finds}

How beautiful! I think I could gazed at your photos all day. I miss those snowy white days. I moved to Alaska just after I was married. Lived there for 2.5 years. It was amazing. Enjoy the snow for me... we dont get much of anything in Dallas. xoxo, Joanna

Vintage Whimsy

That is so beautiful! Man I wish we'd get some real snow here in Maryland.

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