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December 07, 2008


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Lady of the Mote

they are adorable!

LiLi M.

Yeah, yeah vintage cardboard houses are (amongst) my favorites too. When I started searching what to do for Christmas this year I got inspired with card board houses, but since then, I see them everywhere in blogs (in the States). Of course I still have to begin making them and there aren't any cardboard houses for sale in the hobby shop here. Enough moaning. I think I can get the bricks paper here. I'll check it and you'll hear from me, ok? I love your decoration (it gets a bit boaring huh, me telling you all the time that I love your items, but I really do).

Lavender Dreamer

The houses are WONDERFUL! Just beautiful! I love your blog!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

That has got to be the SWEETEST most thoughtful gift EVER! Oh my gosh! I found an told tin star tree topper identical to the one we had growing up and gave it to my sister this weekend..she was overwhelemed with that littl rusty piece of nostalgia!
I love the little story you printed with the ornaments. I think the best gifts are exactly like this....not the silly jar of stale candy from the store.. but this is just SOOOO SWEET!


Ohhh, so pretty! Priscilla over at Casa Bella Chic has a link to making your own glitter houses!!


such yumminess
last year i won a whole bunch of little houses on ebay...and they are still packed away. i was going to make cute little cake type stands each with a house....i suppose i should pull them out, eh?
i love that last ones tree


Lucky you, to have so many of these charming village pieces. I've always really liked them too.
A friend of mine wanted some brick paper too, but couldn't find any, so she made her own, using a school pencil eraser. The old fashioned red one, that we all used as kids. She just cut it into the sizes of the bricks she wanted and used them as stamps that she painted. It turned out really well. I have seen brick paper before, but I think it may have been tissue paper, which photocopy well onto regular paper. It usually shows up this time of year, but I haven't noticed any this year. Maybe, you can find it where you are.


I absolutely adore that crazy snowman, he is so cute with his big clompy feet. That Christmas Twinkle Scene is simply wonderful. The tree is amazing, I've never seen anything like it before.

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

I am loving the box the blinking tree with the iffy vintage electrical cord! :) No more fires, please~

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

Note to self:
Edit, Melony. Proofread before hitting post.

I love the box with the cool graphics. My post above makes no sense whatsoever.

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