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December 16, 2008


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laurie - magpie ethel

Cookies, snow, a cozy house and good company - that is what the holidays are about. I personally love frosted sugar cookies with red hots - my sis in law always makes me a batch - and puts so many red hots on the top that no one else will eat them! Love the cookie jar - I am gonna get out my old decals and do one myself!


I like your cookie jar and cookie cutters too. I have a lot of the red cookie cutters, but didn't know they were called "HRM". What does that stand for?

What a beautiful snowy picture leading to the cookie exchange house ~ what fun.

Merry Christmas.


Happy Birthday!
Love the cookie jar.


Happy Birthday To You!!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

Happy Birthday! Hope your day was warm and cozy! Love the snow pictures and cookies! Cute cookie jar too!
And I would not be ashamed to admit I ate all the cookies!

Jayme L.

Don't be ashamed - be proud! It's a proven stress reliever to eat all the cookies. I know all too well, and have the extra 10 pounds to prove it. But it was sooooo worth it!


Great idea fr the cookie jar!Now I'm wishing I hadn't ebayed all my decals!!




Well, like several others, I have it on good authority that it is your birthday. So Hapde Burfday to you!


I thought your brownies were intense and fabulous -- every cookie plate needs a little chocolate! I agree that it would be a great gathering even without cookies... Most importantly, it was nice to see you!


Happy Birthday! I love your cookie cutters. I have inherited quite a few from my mom and have given some to my married daughters. I love that last picture.


Cookies and good company...sounds wonderful! I love all your cookie cutters. I wish I would have saved all my mom's :(

Happy Belated Birthday!


Lavender Dreamerl

I love the cookie jar that you can see into! That's a great idea. I have 2 big jars with cookie cutters in them...you're giving me ideas! THANKS!


Oh, I wish I could find some of those old decals! I LOVE your cookie jar. And the cookie cutters! They are great; I have quite a collection of those, too. I have hung the HRM red ones in the window - they look so pretty when the sun shines through. I have the whole Nativity set, they look especially nice when displayed together. I love your blog so much - all of your lovely decorating and photos have left me awestruck and inspired.


I sell repros of the old decals here: http://www.sweetgaldecals.com

Kim G.

I love those old Meyercord decals, your new cookie jar is fabulous!!


Love the jar!! I have each of those metal cookie cutters, but my tuperware mat died last year. I didn't know they would replace it for free or I would have kept it, but it was from the '70's and I loved it!

laurie - magpie ethel

A little blog told me it was your birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day!

LiLi M.

Even when we are talking about cookie making my country is a boring one: We just make little cirkels as a 'tradition', no funny shapes at all. Mmm at this very moment I get a wave and I know that I'm lying: there are antique wooden forms to make 'speculaas', but not likely to be found on a flea market, the real ones I mean. There mostly shaped like a man, and they were called something as 'lovers', I don't know the right word, when you are going steady with a man, that man is now called your boyfriend, but was he always? Here we used to call that guy a word with a meaning like lover. Mmmm we are not that boring I see...looking forward to your post on stress relief!!!!


You're right, definitely couldn't avoid those cookie cutters if you're in your 40s! I bet those brownies wouldn't be as sweet if you put a little vanilla ice cream on them!

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