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December 19, 2008


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ooouuu..YUM...YUM....YUM...cute cookies...your are mutli talented....i am too!.....LOL

Lady of the Mote

the ponies are adorable!


The cookies look gorgeous!

Lavender Dreamerl

You are so artistic in everything you do...you put me to shame! Your cookies look too pretty to eat!

LiLi M.

Now try to do that with a wooden 'lover' cookie form!

Tina in Duluth

Your gingerbread is stunning, and I'm sure I've never seen gingerponies before, but they are super cute and appropriate for the party!


So glad the rice worked. I know that is what my Mom has used in the past :).
Those gingerbread ponies are adorable!!


I love the gingerbread ponies how cute.



hahaha! Gotta love those cookie cutters!


Thanks for visting my blog! It's a he kitty and we will resort to foil only if absolutely necessary! So far so good, except for the sparkler like pick he chewed on the Patriotic tree (came out the other end....)!


Those ponies are so charming! It looks like everything is coming together wonderfully well, and it all looks so Christmasy and beautiful. I think it the party and your gifts will be a big success!

Barbara Jacksier

Your ponies have inspired me. I have a golden retriever cutter, I'm going to try out. Thanks


Your story on the burning dishtowel was hysterical. Sounds like something that I just might fall into while my back is turned! These handwarmers are adorable and the rice sounds just the ticket to make it work. Your cookies look oh so delicious and your decorating is beautiful!

Susan at Black eyed susans kitchen

The ponies are fabulous!
♥. Susan


I love all the Christmas things you collect. I'm a child of the 60's, so they really remind me of my childhood.

Pat McNally

Absolutely picture perfect gingerbread cookies and tree!! Merry Christmas!!!!


yes, i did notice that
i love the ponies, i still have to make my gingerbread and its jan already
your handwarmers look swank

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