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December 02, 2008


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So cool! Where do you find all of your vintage wrapping paper!


ooooo.....loving the pink and green!!!


I will be looking for vintage snowman wrapping paper for you!
I tagged you! Don't feel obligated to do it. Just if you want.


Posts like this are the reasons I love your blog so much!! I LOVE to see your vintage collections and the lovely ways you display them! Keep 'em coming - I wish I knew how to take pictures like yours!


Vintagy fun things! I love them. I would love them more if they were at my house though.

Jayme L.

I love how you decorated your vintage shoes for the holidays. Your display of snowmen is adorable!


You really have a talent for putting it all together in a pleasing way. The shoes are adorable!!


I too love how you put everything displayed so nicely. I love your snowmen, I'm a snowman collector.


I love your snowman collection-each one has its own personality!


What a lovely display. We like so many of the same things. I have a snowman collection too. I'll bring it out soon, and try to get a good photo to show you. It includes quite a few that were gifts, and many homemade ones too. I also have two shelves that I found at the thrift store made out of spools. I really like those too. They were in terrible shape, but cleaned up nicely. I painted them black to match a couple of vintage sewing machine heads that I have in my craft room.
Those shoes look charming!

Queen of Fifty Cents

I think I may just have been inspired to start collecting snow folks! I picked up a newish chalkware one at a yard sale this summer, so I guess I've already started.


eek, i collect snowmen similar to yours! i cherish mine, yours are to sweet

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