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December 01, 2008


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LiLi M.

It's so nice that you can decorate anything (and I mean anything) in vintage. Love that wrapping paper!

Account Deleted

Very nice! You're getting me motivated to crack open the 30 odd boxes I've just pulled down from the attic. Let the decorating begin! xo, suzy

Tina in Duluth

It is fun to watch the seasonal transformation of your shelf.

I can totally relate to the "momness" and the "teenness" that is going on in your house. We also have a dog that watches football, but she only likes college ball. Maybe your pup can tell her how her favorite players are doing in the NFL.


My mom collects Santas and would love yours.


Hahaha, did you really catch your sweater on fire? LOL

(I never use old lights either. Never even plug them in. I do occassionally buy them if they have a really cool box though.)


Your Santa display looks great! I love the garland from the earlier post too. You always have the best ideas on how to use vintage stuff.


OH....OH.....i have some of these santas....your larger santa holding the green Christmas tree.....i have him too plus the snowman to match...i have a tiny santa wearing snow skies with the tiny wooden skie poles still in one piece....Oh...Oh....i must go find them.....now...

Aunt Barbie

Is'nt it amazing the stuff laying around just WAITING to be FOUND.My sister thinks I'm nuts for doing that,but I have found LOTS that way. I really enjoy all of your goodies.Love, Aunt Barbie


I'm so glad you rescued the reindeers! (I would have done that too!) They look so fantastic on top of your shelf with all the santas - it was meant to be!

Also . . . teenagers. I feel your pain there!


Ohhhhh!! I wanna see your tree too! I can't imagine someone throwing that Merry Christmas item out!! WHAT ARE PEOPLE THINKING!! hehehe

Kim G.

The shelf looks great with her new Christmasy makeover!! Can't believe you found that in the trash!


Those look great all displayed together!

Lillian P.

Dear Aunt Barbara:

Thank you for not putting ornaments up until Sunday. It was one less thing Mommy had to worry about me touching.
Hope we can color together again soon.

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

that sleigh is awesome! You are one clever and LUCKY girl! I scored several boxes of vintage ornaments over the weekend...some to keep...some to sell...but HOW do I know what they're worth...or if they are the original boxes? I consider you my leading expert so any insight you have I'd appreciate it!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

by the way... I thought this was HILARIOUS and had to read it between laughs outloud to my husband!


Wow, you have been a posting fiend! I have been to busy to check in...but when I did..such fun! Love the sleigh redo. And vintage light cords? I feel the same way (alhto i have never had a fuzzy sweater incident!)


I love each and every item you showed us. And how fabulous they all look together on your shelf!! Ho Ho Ho!


ohhh I love those santas and the sleigh. It is wonderful you rescued them. Like I said before I think they would look better at my house! Why can't I find things like that?


Oh, we so love the same vintage things. Every single post has the exact perfect addition to my collection (s)!!!!


You crack me up with your writing...fuzzy sweater, vintage lights, zap! lol. Good deal on the garbage picking - I better start doing that if I can find such cool stuff. :)

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