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December 04, 2008


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I'm with you - let's bring back more Poinsettias! I have them, too on vintage textiles, postcards, decorations, etc - and they're just SO pretty, so totally Christmas. Great post!


ooooo, I love love love your poinsettas. It brings back so many memories of the wrapping paper!

Polly looks too cute sitting under the tree..what a doll!



Oh that's great! I have been thinking whether or not to buy poinsettias. Now I will.
I love the aprons!
That kitty look great under the tree, just consider her another ornament...


Gah, I could swear you said you were putting the papers on flickr? I cant find a flickr link for you without digging. (Man I am lazy.) LOL

My thrift has a giant roll of dept store vintage wrapping paper with the greatest santas on it. They use it on their shelves. I want a piece of it SO bad.

Tina in Duluth

I love the variegated poinsettias, and I've been trying to disspell the bad rap they have had for many years! Cute, cute kitty!


Polly looks so cute there. I'll bet she is going to want to play with ornaments. I love poinsettias.


I was so happy last year when I learned that I could have poinsettias and cats in the same house : ) And my kitties love hanging out under the tree too!!


I like the picture of Polly. Cats are so funny. Mine have always liked sitting under the tree too.

I didn't care for poinsettias much when I was younger, but now I appreciate them a lot. They grow in the gardens on the island of Kaui, and turn into great big beautiful bushes that bloom in late November, there. I don't think I have very many poinsettia things. Maybe a tin tray, and an old tablecloth. Oh and I have a neat velvety looking flower. I'll have to take a picture. You'll like it, I think.

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