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December 27, 2008


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How precious! I've never seen a set like that. What a lucky/blessed girl you ae to have such a mom!

~ hearts ~


How special...and, so pretty. I can't imagine ANY kid playing with these breakables ever.

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

honestly, this is the best present ever! It is heartfelt and means SOMETHING! You are so lucky that your mom "gets you" and passed on something she knows you will treasure!


What a great idea. We (my sister and I) got something for our hopechest every Christmas. With a little boy I might have to call it something different like Future Apartment Chest or something but it is something I plan to continue with my son....somehow!


So cute! It looks similar to the Luray I collect for my daughter.

Tina in Duluth

Could this be a spring decoration on your green shelf?

It is so pretty and, except for the handle, looks new!


OMG! I am soooo jealous! The tea set is so lovely - but even more lovely because of the sweet memories you have of it and your mother!


wowwee! lucky you! I love the teaset! What a treasure! I do have a set but bought it from IKEA for my daughter.. have a great weekend!


That is such a special gift!


It is so pretty. Wow. What a lovely gift.


I consider myself a tea pot efficionato. Now I know that isn't spelled right but I don't feel like looking it up! So there. Anyway I've never ever come across anything so lovely. It is simple yet elegant and the colors - so perfectly lovely. Makes me want to make a quilt like that with just those colors - no prints. I've gotta bookmark this post and come back to admire again and again. What a fabulous gift.

 Jen @ Rosey Little Things

I am drooling over your lovely tea set, lucky you!!!! Have a happy new year!


I have my mom's childhood tea set too! It is the exact same pattern as yours. I am especially greatful to have it now that we will move my mom to hospice tomorrow...I am sad.

LiLi M.

I love vintage. I love childrens teasets. I adore vintage childrens teasets with a story! What a great idea to give an heirloom every year. Did you start that tradition with your kids too? Mmm I wish I could do that too, but my youngest is only interested in supermodern electric equipment. Mmm but I could try it next year too. Where is that Commodore 64 anyway?

Your teaset is amazing and evokes memories with me too. My best friend had a German Melita childrens coffee service that we used to play with ocassionally. There are pictures of us using that service at the age of 4. This service also had pastel colors! The same as yours but not combined with cream. This service was reproduced at Melitas a couple of years ago, and I couldn't resist it. My daily service is vintage too, cream white with pastel color borders; Pink, green, light and dark blue, light and dark yellow. Of course I want to set the table with 4 different colors, as we are with 4 in this household, but they all think I am crazy! They even don't understand why I want the pink plate all the time!?!

Have a happy ending of 2008 and a perfect beginning of 2009. Stay tuned for my New years wishes!

Susan at Black eyed susans kitchen

That teaset is a wonderful gift. So much more meaningful than store bought would have been. You are one lucky daughter! Wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.
♥, Susan

laurie -magpie ethel

That is the coolest gift! Those colors are wonderful...put it somewhere so that whenever you glance at it, you will get that happy, loved feeling! Happy 2009!


I have to agree! What a super present. Great tradition too.


That is fantastic. What a pretty little tea set!


Sooo Pretty! Happy New Year Barbara!


geez, that has to be THE greatest pressie
its so lovely barbara, can i borrow your mom for a wee bit? just maybe around xmas time??? please, pretty please...
my fave is the pink

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