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December 18, 2008


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Joanna {sweet finds}

I love your stockings... what a great find! Ok, I have a booth in an Antique Mall, why isn't anyone selling things like that here in my store. :( xoxo, Joanna


The stockings are fab. I have never seen that kind before. Ours are the old printed flannel kind.

I found a sorta squished, but still really cool thrift store score yesterday too. If we would have daylight again I might take a photo.

laurie - magpie ethel

That is the cutest little display of stockings. Makes me want to go shift my things about. I love the humpty dumpty stocking. Just a FYI, I have one of the identical tiny knit stockings...mine hang on a tiny tree.

Lavender Dreamerl

What wonderful treasures! The balls are wonderful, especially the Cinderella's coach. Love the stockings, too! I'm looking all over for elves and reindeer! Wish I had been with you!

Lady of the Mote

great finds!

Cindy (Junque Art)

Love your stockings! I think I had a stocking very similar to those as a kid!


I love the stockings! And the Gurley candles, and the bottle brush wreaths . . . oh everything! And you're so right - they don't seem to make such cute things anymore!


The humpty dumpty one is my favorite!! It is great!! Cool finds!


Lucky!! I love those stockings-been looking for them on the cheap for years!


I love your stockings...you always find the greatest things.


You have the best old Christmas things, and I'm so enjoying the seeing them, and the beautiful way you display them. It makes me want to go unpack more boxes!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

I noticed the "Barby" stocking right away! How sweet they all are!

LiLi M.

I love these stockings too! Are you (or better Santa) going to use them? Or like my grandmother having everything more than beautiful but sipping your tea from a cup with a line! (and that's why she managed to keep everything so beautiful and I did inherit 4 complete services from her, dinner- and tea-, which I on my turn keep immaculate as they are in boxes in the attick!) At least you enjoy them!

Julie Fredericksen

I think I told you I love Shiny Brite ornaments, but don't know if I ever told you that I love the little Gurley angels with all my heart - the little choir boys too. They say "childhood Christmas" to me.

I can't say I have ever seen those stockings - or I have been blind to them. I will have to keep my eye out. Our best thrift shop has a huge Christmas store. Maybe I will look there.


WOW...you must have had your 'eagle' eye turned on high beam...great finds!!


Gosh, I love those old stockings with the cute graphics. My sister bought some reproductions at a quilt store, but she forgot about me! The vintage snowmen are way cuter than the more modern carrot nose variety.


Lovey, lovely, lovely...as always. Your blog is like a great magazine that I can buy new a few times a week. Thank you! It helps that we like ALL of the same things. We should make a pact that whoever dies first leaves all of the vintage stuff to the other..you can trust me...I wouldn't push you in front of a sleigh or anything...


yummy display!!
i have never seen stockings like those, you lucky dog
they are the perfect addition to your collection
love the snap of the pooped pooch

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