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January 09, 2009


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LiLi M.

We also have bird feeders in our garden! I love to watch the birds. My mother used to have a pair of binoculars lying near the window and was always watching the birds. She was especially eager to see the little birdies flying out. Sometimes she just missed that moment and she wasn't happy. Here the bird population is changing. Sparrows are getting scarce, in my youth they were so common. Now my husband has bought little nesting houses too, so I hope we will have young birds in our garden too next spring. They always nest at my neighbours, oh well the grass looks a bit greener up there!
Well done, congrats on your good marks on 2008 resolutions. Mmm I'm having F's with my 2009 :-(


I love it! I am also a backyard bird junkie. I have two big feeder poles with, let me count now, ummm....8 feeders. Right now I am offering in my backyard, millet, black oil sunflower, peanuts and suet. Yum, yum. xo, suzy


It certainly is a pretty bird. Thank you for sharing this info. I learned something new today!

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