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January 28, 2009


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I agree with your choice of yellow. It's my favorite color lately, and I've been trying to add it here and there. I loooove that little plate,but I have to admit that I love the parakeets too!Great transformation, from a butt-ugly tray to cottage perfection!

Kim G.

Love the yellow! Sending you sunshine from here in California!


I was really feeling the love for that first pink, but I knew you were going to pick the yellow when I saw it. The yellow rocks.

(On a side note, your post says it was posted at 4 45, its 6 12, and there it is in my bloglines. I posted sometime early this morning and where is my post? Still not in my bloglines. What is up with my feed?)

Vintage Whimsy

Oh, that is fabulous! I like all of the fabrics so I would've had a hard time choosing too.


I like the cheerful yellow you chose, but for me the top blue one or the black background would be more "me".


I would have picked the yellow too. It looks great.

Jenny S

Okay, we really must be twins seperated at birth! We have too much stuff alike!! hehehe! I have that plate too!! Weird!!

laurie -magpie ethel

I'm liking the yellow and my second choice was the black with the roses. Too bad you coudn't have saved the paper scraps - the little parakeets are adorable. Great project...a much needed facelift!


Well done.


Good choice! I like it best too.


You picked my fav, I love the combo of pink and yellow. SO cheery! xo, suzy


I can see why you had a hard choice in choosing the fabrics, they are all so pretty. I really love the yellow though. Reminds me of spring.




Oh, it looks so lovely, thanks for sharing!


Beautiful stuff, all of it. I love it.


I was going to pick one of the pinks and when I saw you were leaning toward the yellow, I was saying to myself..(no, not the yellow) but you won me over with your last picture,,,,there it was...all dressed up with all it's chotchkis companions!..FAB makeover!!

Becky in TX

Oh, I love the idea of a whole room full of crazy mixed up florals! Romantic and fun all at once!

Where is the little plate from?! I'm in love with it!




Gosh, I just wanna dive into all your vignettes - so full of charm & prettiness! I love the transformed tray especially - super fabric! I found a similar glass tray last year at the thrift store & I realized it too has some kinda super adhesive holding the glass to the tray. I want to remove the stuff that is framed in it like you did & remake it. I hope I don't break the glass. Wish me luck! :)

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