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January 30, 2009


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I love all of these things. I can't resist a stamped design when I see it. I have more than I will ever have time to do. I figure when I'm old and don't have to work or take care of kids I will have something to do. Ha! I really like the little lamb and the darning bag is so sweet.

LiLi M.

A darning bag...I think I need one too (I have everything that should go in it too). Lovely designs. Enjoy your weekend!

Rabecca G

I love vintage embroidery. It has been hard to find by me, however I do have a small table runner I'm going to start later today. I can't wait.

black eyed susans kitchen

Such a sweet little print with those birds. I find it hard to resist things like this.
♥, Susan

Michelle Palmer

Those are the sweetest of birds!
All lovely~
Hope your day is wonderful!

two crazy crafters

Oh! I love that darning bag! Twyla


my fave project is the birdie dresser scarf
i think you should do up the lambs for easter too!! get to it woman!


I love the birdie dresser scarf...I think I'd leave it as is 'cuz it looks so neat with the info printed on it. :)


I love the little doll dress. I've never seen that pattern before. It's quite wonderful, and is inspiring me a bit. I've been thinking dolls and cross stitch a lot lately, so this has been quite timely for me to see. Thank you!

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