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January 01, 2009


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I love January, it's my "celebrate my anal side" month. I love to organize and put everything in its place! xo, suzy


Things around here stay organized for about 2.2 milliseconds, so I have decided not to bother this year. HAHAHA!

I would rather be sewing anyway...

Your bluebirds sure are sweet and springy.

two crazy crafters

Happy New Year! I'm all excited to start this year. The number 9 has always been lucky in our family so I feel like this will be a good year!
It sure started off good and bad. I received an exciting gift in the mail from a sweet blogger friend, Ann of http://protectorofvintage.blogspot.com/
yesterday. Then I woke up to day with cold.
I hope you had a wonderful New year's day! Lindsey


Oh my dear,
I LOVE Those blue bird napkin rings!! They are adorable!! That would make a beautifully set table!! When you get done organizing you want to come lend me a hand?? I have been trying to get this done at my house for the whole year of 2008!! ;-)

I stopped by my dear, to let you know that I have tagged you for 2009/

Bless you my dear! And Happy New year!! :D



when we make warmers, (ours are horse shoe shaped) for the neck or whatever aches...
we use either rice, or beans. And have never had any fires!!! We warm them for 5 minutes with a cup of water in the microwave, and they stay hot for quite a while.

I hope your warmers work better, no more fires hun!!



I would love to get organized. The toys alone are sending me into a big TIZZY! I love the bluebirds. Adorable! Happy New Year!

karla nathan

It is fun to organize when you get to play with pretty things!

laurie -magpie ethel

I spent part of the day organizing too. I love that sense of accomplishment after getting things just so. May your linen drawer stay tidy all thru 2009!


What lovely things , lovely photos, and a lovely way to start the new year!


Hehehe! I don't know what it is, but my husband and I usually spend New Years Eve, not partying, but organizing something. This year our master closet...weird huh?? Love all your linens!! Very pretty!

Beth Leintz

You're off to a beautiful start!


Oh boy do I need to do that too!!! Love the bluebirds.


Those basket liners may have been what started my love affair with linens. My mom had some that were not vintage but I thought they were so pretty. I love seeing all of your beautiful stuff, Barbara. Now I feel like going through some drawers. Happy New Year!


I think bluebirds look so sweet on linens. I'm going to tear into my house today!

~ Hearts ~


how lovely it all is
especially loving the blues.....
see now when i saw the little pot i thought of putting in a tea bag....am i weird?


Beautiful collection!! I have been a fan of your site for a few months now and i still haven't backtracked all of your quirky and informative posts laced with mesmerizing photos of your hip collections.

I've been trying to find some advice on cleaning up my linens i've been collecting for the last year. Any advice on what the best practice is for laundering out there?

Thanks for any help and good luck with your makeover projects!


I have a weakness for old linens, and I love bluebird things, and the real ones too, so this post has been a true treat to see....especially that top photograph. It's so pretty!

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