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January 05, 2009


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Ha! We had a true value sort of like that, but they recently closed.

The blog looks made over too!

(BTW, I know you were having email troubles, the heart to heart emails have gone out, I hope you have gotten them. If not, give me a shout.)

karla nathan

Wow, what kind of store was it? And dove gray sounds wonderful, I have been day dreaming about that color a lot. Have fun painting!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

How fun for you! I know the excitement you must feel! I live in the big city so have all those big box stores everywhere...but they aren't nearly as wonderful as what you've described! AND how fun you switched rooms with your daugher! I used to do this with my siblings when I was little (always my idea and I had to do ALL the clothes hanging and shoe finding) but oh the feeling of stepping into that new room! Can't wait to see the pictures! PS that painting is wonderful too!


Oh boy, does that ever sound like a fun store and how cute how your daughter describes it.

I will excuse you for not posting as long as you show us lots of pictures of the finished rooms:-)


Sounds like a dream hardware store. I love those narrow old-fashioned hardware stores crammed full of stuff (I remember when they even sold toys like Barbie & Easy bake oven & Christmas decorations), although they are few are far between now & mostly have "hardware".

laurie -magpie ethel

Good luck with the projects - share the results when you are done. Love the sound of the hardware store - we have two big box ones nearby as well as a couple of smaller neighborhood ones - but not nearly as charming as yours sounds. What a nice addition to your neighborhood.


Would this be the new barnlike building on, I think, Fennell? I may have to check it out. Love the rose print, too.


The store sounds wonderful and your post has given me a kick in the pants to do some painting. We moved into our home 5 years ago and I never painted the white walls in the master. Lovely roses.

Joanna {sweet finds}

My daughter wants to re-do her room as well. She has one aqua wall now & wanted to paint it red. Then she changed her mind & wanted white. For now, she gets nothing until she can make up her mind. :) Which buys me a little more time.

I like your new blog look.

xoxo, Joanna


The hardware store sounds lovely! I can't wait to see the newly remodeled rooms :)


oh gosh! those roses are gorgeous
im so jealous as usual...dont you get sick of making us covet your things??? :op
seriously, a hardware store for ladies...me likey!!
try to not go EVERY day
we are expecting pix of the new digs


Well good grief take your camera to this place of wonder.. I want photos!!!


LiLi M.

I love these pictures of roses. In my country every hard ware store is a kind of girly store nowadays, with cushions, candelabras, well you name it. Going there is a family event (Mom's ahead of course)! That's why they open almost 24/7!


Good Luck with your project! you're tagged, see my blog for details!


Congrats on your give away win, Barbara!

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