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January 22, 2009


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Wow! I wish my bedroom looked so pulled together. It look great! I just painted the rest of my house a similar color.

LiLi M.

What do you mean will never be finished? You have painted the walls, have a bed, even boards to it that you like and painted in the right colors. You have already the right cushions and some lovely crochetwork. I guess it's filet too, but I'm not sure, let's check the crochet library....mmm I bought the wrong books I guess, but checking the internet prooved you're right! What more does it take???? You are not going to tell me that you lack of accessories, do you? I haven't seen curtains yet, that adds to a cottage feeling. I think you are well on your way!


Awesome, I never thought to put a full size headboard on a queen frame. That works huh? I'm always finding full size headboards in the thrift store but of course not queen, which I have. Hmmmmm. xo, suzy


We also sleep on a queen size mattress on a full size bed. Except with the iron bed it was a lot trickier than when we had the wooden bed.

As far as the unlimited money thing goes, I am freaking amazed at what I already have in this house! LOL If I get ants in my pants to redecorate I just have to dig around in the closets and the bins in the basement...

The bed is much improved in white, BTW. It's scary to do, but a good choice there I think.


Did you have to modify the head and foot boards to get the frame to fit? If so, can you share what you did??


Looks very promising. I am in a lull with re-doing our room. We have painted and have a new quilt, but that is it. I am with you, I think that decorating would be a breeze with money. We have zero to commit to the project. One day...

Jenny S

Beautiful!! I am the same way! If something was not painted I really hate to paint it, until I do and then I love it!!


A beer run ALWAYS works, doesn't it?! I think you are well on your way. I love the color of the walls, those pillowcases are beauteous, everything on top of the armoire is perfect (especially that little watering can), that cupboard that you repainted is very cottagey, and the headboard looks great painted also. Do you have one of those floral rugs, you know the kind that is hand-hooked, I think it is called? I don't mean one of those awful latch hook rugs everyone made in the 70's. I hope you know what I'm talking about! These look very cottagey to me. Anyway, I really love your room!

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

I am loving the bedroom! Love that color of the walls in the bedroom!! And the pillowcases too! Beautiful! The bed looks great painted white!! Great job!!
PS - when you get time please stop over at my blog for a surprise for you!

Tina in Duluth

I think my son has asked me the same question before. I love teenagers!

I think you are making serious progress, btw. What do you think it lacks? A rug? A bed tray?

I LOVE the bird crochet! It makes me want to finish some filet crochet I started awhile back.

karla nathan

I think that rooms done without a huge budget make the best cottagey rooms! If you had an unlimited source of funds to do the room, you'd be tempted just to go to the store an buy a bunch of stuff. When it is all lovingly shopped for, and redone, it has a much more cottage feel. Your room is looking great!

Robin~Thrifty Miss Priss

I Love that color! I pained my kitchen and dinning room that color. It was in the OOPS bin at Home Depot. That bed looks fabulous too. I LOVE the pillow cases with the color on the wall...it's all so cottage-ish! Great Job Barbara!


Everything looks fantastic! Did you say this will be my room when you adopt me? I love the birds crochet.


oh gosh! i am so living vicariously thru you.
love the headboard, love the pillows and your dog is a hoot
i too have a hard time painting non painted wood

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