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February 15, 2009


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Lavender Dreamer

What fun! I love looking through a place like that! Give that hubby a HUG! You got some treasures!

LiLi M.

Great haul! I know that; you are feeling like you hurried, the other person thinks you had more than plenty of time. Somehow I had to think of my uncle too when reading this post. He used to say to his kids; someone fancies an icecream? Of course they did and of they went. And always they met a sign 'flea market', 'auction' or whatever. Then my uncle used to say with his juicy accent; Well look now, what do we have here (very surprised tone). And always everone was trapped.
Have a nice day!

S Velte

The 'tiny' one? on the corner? they had a VERA? And I thought all they had were Happy Meal toys!?! THANKS for the heads-up!


Great finds! You're so lucky to have somewhere to go until garage sale season starts. It doesn't begin until probably April here.Last year there were alot of them in February. My friend and I trudged through alot of snow to go to those, but it was so much fun! Have you started your countdown yet?

Shelley G in Iowa

I just found your site today while searching for information on vintage ornaments. I went to an auction this weekend and came home with some. I consider myself a auction/garage same hound. A junker, too. I am very curious where you live. We share some same interests! I see a little birdie from Stampin'Up! I'm a hobby demo. Anyway, I've subscribed to your site, can't wait to see your next haul!

Check out my site, it's all cards, though!

Shelley G in Iowa

I guess the link on my name goes back to typepad. This is my blog:


Hope to see you around!


Nice haul. I just want to move right into one of those s&p shakers! I've never seen any like that before.

I'm envious that you have a nice flea market to go to--the only one we have here is very third-world and focuses mainly on hot sneakers and DVDs. But I'm lucky that my DH likes to poke around fleas and antique malls as much as I do. He's always on a quest for old tools!


ooouu...well, I think you made an excellent
'haul'....I LOVE the little salt and pepper

p.s. I haven't forgotten to look for you some
goodies...as it warms up and I can 'dig' through
my stuff in my little house next door I'll see
what I may come up with!!

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