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February 19, 2009


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WOW! Such eye candy!! Hundreds of them, really?? Even a fair bout with hay fever wouldn't warrent 100 (darn, because that would be a great excuse to keep them all, eh? Some for show, some for use)

Good luck paring down your collection!


wow,you hit the jackpot! I have way to many too. I need to make another valance for above my kitchen sink to match the other kitchen windows. Maybe next week I will get to it:)


But they take up such a teenie weenie little space in the house, it's ok. xo, suzy

Lavender Dreamer

Oh my! If I FOUND any I would not be able to resist either! I found 2 little children's hankies a few months ago and would love to collect them. You have a wonderful collection...what fun!

laurie - magpie ethel

Loving the latest find. I too suffer from the hankie addiction and have trouble passing them by. I just love the patterns. I wish I could think of an ultra clever use for them besides just sitting in a pile and looking pretty. (i have done pillows, a quilt and such with them already) They are truly and addictive collection, but as Suzy mentioned, at least they aren't a space sucker.


I was enjoying hearing about all of your lovely hankies until you had to go and mention THE SENATOR. It's been very embarrassing lately to admit that I live in Illinois! I'm so proud of President Obama, and then this whole fiasco occurs. It's proof positive that nothing good can come from anything that Blago touches. ANYWAY, I have alot of these lovelies too, and I've thought about making a valance for one of my windows with some. Could be cute!

LiLi M.

Pfffew what a relief! Btw I was reading blogs at half past 12 am, I tried to write that down, I was going to email you, but you already have another post! Hankies are just great and you know well that you simply cannot have enough of them. Phew no cliffhanger and it is still before midnight!

I have a lot of vintage hankies too, but most of them are white on white embroidered. There has been a 'show and tel' about hankies last year, but I couldn't make it and posted my hankies the week afterwards. Just to show that I could have been in. My husband told me every time; they still have to invent a show and tell that you cannot participate in. Well there is: I don't have any feedsacks!


My mother is dying for one of those hanky quilts. But it's darn hard to find enough hankies in good condition...

Tina in Duluth

Your hankies are beautiful! I probably wouldn't have been able to pass them by either.

I do have a quandry. I'm still trying to figure out if I should feel a little guilt for having about 25 more hankies than I need, or if I should feel good because I don't have hundreds? Your blog always has me thinking!


I have a lot of hankies also but haven't done anything with them - except use them for their orignial use. An old hanky is much nicer than kleenex.

Someday I want to make a quilt or something from them.


Your hankies are all gorgeous. I have some too -- nowhere near as many as you do -- and mine just sit in a drawer. This post makes me want to take them out and take their pictures and show them off. I wonder if there's a vintage hankie group on Facebook...


Hello there! Thanks for showing us these beautiful reminders of spring! Now I'm craving for the snow to go away and some warm weather to move in - so what is your plan for these?
Somewhere out there I saw a very sweet bunting made from vintage hankies...


Hi Barbara! I just finished making another hankie bunting! ♥


did you really find all those at the thrift store? you lucky girl!


I have the same problem! And I don't know where they all came from either! I swear I couldn't have bought all of these...they must be reproducing. They are just too pretty to resist aren't they?

Debbie Heckert

Wonderful article on how to clean those hankies, Thanks! One thing I have found on some of them is marks left from sticker residue. How do you get that to come out? Thanks for any help!

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