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February 18, 2009


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what a great find! i never go to auctions, how do you find out where they are? can't wait to see your other find!

Lavender Dreamer

Oh, I love looking though old albums. My hubby has one...I need to take pics! Love the cards!

LiLi M.

What a find! Here cards were never send with envelopes. When I was young (mmm was it THAT long ago, one of my baby sitters asked me once...) it was cheaper to send a card alone, than a card with an envelope. The difference was 5 cents. So old cards are almost always taped in scrapbooks and the tape has detoriated (is this the right word? I cannot find it online and I'm too tired to fetch my dictionary) and has made everything worthless. This is just perfect. And a cliff hanger too....whow it's 0.30 am over here, how am I going to sleep?


What a wonderful find!

Vintage Whimsy

Oh, I love that scrapbook & all of the cards. I'd love to find an old scrapbook filled with vintage cards! Maybe I should start putting all of the cards I keep into scrapbooks!! I'll add that to my never ending to-do list. lol

laurie - magpie ethel

I SOOOOO love old albums like this. The graphics on the old cards just don't compare to those made today. I smile everytime I see a happy old card. Waiting for your next lucky find!


Oh boy, the cuteness factor is through the roof! I never see anything like that at the sales around here. Where you live must be a hotbed for all the great vintage stuff you find. Here it's mostly those plastic cups you get a Big Gulp from 7-11 in, or lots of baby stuff. Why do people think I want their old cups? Either recycle it, or throw it out!! Sorry. Those cards really are cute!


what a great find! and clueless behavior not being a new phenomenon...i laughed out loud!


What a great find! I love old scrapbooks filled with vintage cards!!


This just might be better than winning the lottery!! To find all of those adorable cards hidden in the envelopes ~ be still my heart :-)

Thanks for sharing. I loved them all.


Wow - how fabulous!!

Jenny S

Wow!! Lucky duck you!!


What a score! Why can't they make cards like these anymore? I love them all but the bunny playing the bells is perfect.


I can't believe that I was 3 posts behind! What fun it was to catch up. I agree about the bleach pen. I've never had any luck with it. Soaking is the key...I hear you about the hankies. I hope Rory LOVES hankies!!!! and chenille, and embroidered pillowcases...and vintage fabric...and...well, you get the idea!!!! I do still "need" more feedsacks though. I keep waiting for a nice rural estate sale...

Stephanie  Coop

Oh, so sweet, What a treasure!

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