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February 16, 2009


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LiLi M.

I watch project Runway too. I think it will be tonight after America's next topmodel! I don't watch Top chef, I think it will be possible to see here too. So I had to google the Quick fire challenge. This sounds sooo exciting!
'Show me your fine vintage buttons on your blog in a project within 10 hrs' Cannot wait to hear more! I scrolled through the fabrics with my eyes closed. You know why.


I just re-learned how to knit (thank you YouTube!), and now I would love to learn how to crochet. That little teapot is adorable!
Ok, I see Leah Remini(The King of Queens) as the wisecracking hairdresser, she's a great hairdresser, but HER hair always looks like crap! I've never seen Sleepless in Seattle. Can you believe it? Can't wait to see about this giveaway of yours!


You have some Awesome Fabric in your stash! Love the vintage stuff!


'IF' you were to make that sweater, and 'IF' you got all done and it didn't fit, because, well - say the sleeves were Way too Long, then you'd just have to give a 'nod' to somebody in Auburn that would swoop in to take the lovely specimen off your hands ;)!! I see no problem.


Aww, the quick fire. I think I would totally suck at a cooking quick fire. Hotdogs anyone? This must be the year of the fabric destash. I'm trying to cut down my inventory too, but on ebay this time. Of course, barkcloth isn't fetching what it used to but it is a good feeling to clear out some space. xo, suzy


i watch top chef, i love anything shows about cooking or crafting! have a great day :)

Rabecca G

I love the crocheted bag. It would look so nice made in red. Don't be afraid of the edge, once you start it you will love the process. Love the fabric too.

karla nathan

In, my world there is no such thing as too much TV. Especially Top Chef.

I read your blog on Google Reader but don't always comment. I hope I still have a quick fire advantage!

Michelle Palmer

LOVE, Luv...LoVe those vintage fabrics!
So sweet of you to share with us!
Hope your week is special~

Jenny S

I went to the beach last summer with some girlfriends and there was a sudden tropical storm. We sat in the hotel room and watched a marathon of Project Runway...really almost had an overdose of diva drama, from both the men and women!! hehehe!!


Now that's my kind of stash!!!!...AND my kind of
make believe too!

Tina in Duluth

I'm glad you'll soon be keeping your doo-dads tidy! Don't fret the lacy part, it looks like a lot of chain stitches.

I'm off to see your etsy shop...


Is Top Chef over? I always forget to watch it and usually catch up on it during one of the 117 times it's repeated. I don't think I've seen it since the football episode. Your fabric is all so pretty. Maybe the yellow plaid could become an apron? I'd like to see Stockard Channing as the wise cracking hairdresser. Well, maybe the Stockard of 20 yrs ago.

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