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February 27, 2009


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I bet you made those bunnies, didn't you?! You're so talented! I hear you about the rain. That was THE topic when it rained here yesterday. We were all so glad that it was raining instead of snowing. Spring's just around the corner!
Have a great weekend, and I hope you find some treasures!


Love love love the bunnies!!!! It is raining here, which is better than the cold, so I know what you mean!

Beth Leintz

Barbara, Barbara, Barbara- sometimes you just make me smile!

Jennifer Conway

Ha! I think we're all in the same boat - just itching for Spring to really happen! Love the bunnies - especially the flowery ears!


Your bunnies make me think spring!


Where do you find all of this stuff? Your bunnies make me smile and dream of Spring. I'm glad that your are enjoying the rain. I just heard on the news that on the east coast we are expecting 6-10 inches of snow this weekend. It has not snowed enough to even talk about all winter and now March is coming in like a polar bear. But my snowdrops are up and my daffodils have broken through, it can't snow, it just can't.


What a springy looking picture. We have had rain for 2 days straight and we may get up to 6 inches of snow later today. I thought this was the sunny south!?!

Love those Easter bunnies and can hardly wait to see more of your vintage Easter/Spring goodies.


The bunnies are freaking adorable.

I loved your comment on my blog the other day about our weather straining our friendship. I have been meaning to email you about it. I guess I shouldnt tell you that we are going to be back in the 70's again by Friday though? LOL (We have had virtually no winter this year. And it's a bit wierd and scary actually.)

LiLi M.

These bunnies are so cute! I won't be warm or cold of rain, we always see too much of it. Aaaah I know what you mean; the first signs of spring are always exciting. Even the cats' songs are welcomed! Have a great week (it is already Monday up here :-(


We had rain the other day too, but now it is back to cold weather. The bunnies are lovely and remind me of the cake my Mum made from the Betty Crocker cakes cookbook. I might have to make one for kids now that my Mum gave me the cookbook to add to my collection of vintage cookbooks. Anything to bring on Spring.


The bunnies are darling! Linda

Patti Tappel

Makes me think about Burt Bacharach singing Raindrops keep falling on my head!


Aw, I love those little fabric bunny ears! :)


I love old fashioned Easter things, and you've a marvelous collection, Barbara. Actually your entire blog is full of all sorts of wonderful things and ideas. I always enjoy my visits here so much. I wish there were more hours in the day!

It's been really beautiful and spring looking here, but cold. We may have snow this weekend, which is a bit unusual for us, this time of year.

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