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March 22, 2009


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Beth Leintz

You are a true connoisseur of retro American holiday decor- I honestly don't think I've ever seen a Gurley Easter candle.

Shelley G in Iowa

Amazing the things I learn from you! Don't know if I'll retain this bit of information because what are the chances I'll run across a Gurley candle? You never know, though!


Until I read your blog, I had never heard of a Gurley candle! Also have never run across one, but when I do, I'm sure going to snatch it up!
Also, my one and only swanky swig met an untimely death, I was getting out of the bath, and it jumped in... so something else to look for!
Thanks for the inspiration!

LiLi M.

Of course I don't know Gurley candles (apart from reading in your blog, yes I do pay attention) but I read out of the comments that they are rarely seen in your neck of the woods too. That makes them even more fun and I think here the more the merrier is better too, than less is more. When the manufacter disc and stamp is missing then they should be impossible to identify, right? Unless you have a collection like yourself. Is there already a priceguide of these? I am pushing you in the direction of writing one. Or any vintage catalogue, think of it!
Have a nice day!

Tina in Duluth

Seriously, Barbara, I agree with LiLiM, you should write a book. Homemaking through the Holidays? You could make it fun!

black eyed susans kitchen

What a great collection you have! I have a few of the Thanksgiving candles, and I have seen yours, but I didn't even know that there were Easter candles. You really do have the best collections.
♥, Susan

Linda B

I've never seen an Easter Gurley in my thrifting trips. You are lucky to have located yours! I just snagged a whole grouping of the Thanksgiving ones from a Goodwill store, but I doubt that will ever happen again! Love your blog!


I never knew what my candles were until I started reading your blog! I only have the Thanksgiving ones, which I got at a garage sale, because my Mom wouldn't give me hers! I loved those as a child, and our daughter played with our set when she was little, and gave them all names! Those panorama ones are sooo sweet! I agree that you should write a book. On collecting vintage things. With a section on crafting with said vintage things. And a price guide. Seriously, you're a wonderful writer, a talented crafter, a knowledgable collector. DO think about it!!


What a fantabulous collection you have! :)

I have a couple Halloween and Thanksgiving Gurleys, but sadly my collection doesn't hold a candle to yours. (Pun entirely intended!)

These are so sweet. I get the BEST holiday decorating ideas from you.

Thanks for sharing!



I have never heard of Gurley candles--thanks for the demo! They look adorable all grouped together on that pink doily!


Very well preserved! Now I found something new I love. Another something new. These are amazing.

laurie - magpie ethel

Good collection girlfriend! I have a few Easter (not a surprise huh?) I'll do a post and show you what I have. I really like the panoramic ones - hadn't seen that one before. I like the fact that I too, pick them up at estate sales or thrift stores pretty cheap. They are definitely harder to find than the other holidays.


Gurley candles will always remind me of my childhood. Your collection is wonderful and I especially love the panorama eggs. I've never seen them before. I have 2 crisper drawers full of Gurleys in my spare fridge. Without a basement, that seems like the safest place to store them in our heat.


oh my gosh! I can see why you love the gurly candles! They are adorable!


really sweet collection!

Vintage Whimsy

Ooh, I love your collection of Easter Gurley candles! I found a bright pink duck a few weeks ago at the thrift store. In fact, there's a picture of him on my blog today. I hope I can find a few more so that he won't look so lonely!


I didn't know about these candles either until I read your blog. Those panorama eggs candles are so sweet.

Lavender Dreamer

How precious! I love them all! What a wonderful collection...brings back memories...GOOD memories!


i love your collection of gurley candles!


I love your sweet candles..and tho I've never collected any, I think I remember the shop where I saw some. Maybe they will still be there. If so, they will be mine.
Have a lovely day..come visit.

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