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March 20, 2009


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I got excited when it looked like you were going to be whipping up one of those gorgeous dresses. Drat! But I see your point. Happy first day of Spring Barbara! It's only going to be in the 40's here, so I'm gonna throw a "big bertha" around my shoulders to keep warm!


I totally thought that looked like a terrific dress project--I'm glad you have sharper eyes than I do. I guess I was mesmerized by her tiny waist which obscured the unflattering gathers.

Thanks for the new vocabulary word, too! ;-)

Lavender Dreamer

A Bertha collar.....interesting! I always think I want to wear dresses again by lots of fabric bunched up around my hips would not be a good look for me. And with my luck, the waist would be too tight, too! lol Having said that...I still think you should GO FOR IT! Looks like fun!

two crazy crafters

Too bad you can't ask Nina Brown if she made the dress and how it looked on her. Twyla


I love the dress pattern, and I've been thinking the same thing. I've got some old patterns that are just so lovely. But then altering them to fit the modern size body would be such a pain. Don't know if I'm up for it. Maybe when I finish the laundry. . . . like that's ever going to happen. xo, suzy

LiLi M.

I love to know about words. I never heard of a Bertha collar though I visited Laon and I recommend that town. I love the pattern but I think you need to be tall and slim to have this stunning effect. I think it's good that you defend Barbie ;-)! Barbie was and is an image of the ideal woman, a trend follower never a trend setter. The weather is great here, I hope in your town too!


I was thinking, you could make a minature version of the dress, just to display on a minature coat hanger, dress form or dress a doll with. Made out of a vintage fabric?


I was watching a movie the other day and there were costumes with big huge bustles and I thought - who thought that was attractive!?? Funny how fashion changes.


oh i need me a blouse with a bertha!!
i see what you mean about the dress tho, you would have to be a twig to look good in it
its so funny that you mentioned selvedge...we had this very conversation at work the other day.. i am a selvage girl my boss is a selvedge


I think I'd like to take a stab at the green dress. Do you mind sharing the pattern maker and number?

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