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March 27, 2009


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You really did have quite a week, didn't you?! Glad your husband is on the mend, and REALLY glad that Harold has stopped texting you! That's kinda funny, but not really. I once had a pervert calling me for a year, before I found out it was a boyfriend from 7th grade!
Your pictures are beautiful, as always, and I love the pillow under your son's head. I mean the floral one. The hairy one is nice though too! I hope you have a better weekend!


Sorry you have had a bummer week, lets hope next week will be better! Love the dog as a pillow too cute:) Have a good weekend.

black eyed susans kitchen

Let me just say, poor baby, and poor baby and one more poor baby. First for your husband, who must be a great deal of pain. Second for your son who is also feeling it, and mostly for you because you not only feel your own, but I know that you feel their pain too. Wishes for a happier weekend.
♥, Susan Oh yeah...and I loved your springy pictures.


A sick husband and a hurt child? You have had a crummy week. Bless your heart!

I occassionally get texts saying "What's Up Sweet Thang?" I do not text and no one calls me Sweet Thang. I don't even know how to text back Wrong #! Perhaps Harold has my number too!


What a week! I hope the weekend is better for you! That last picture is very cute :)


Isn't it funny how people can make you feel like the world's biggest crybaby when they tell you to "cheer up"? For the love of Pete--makes you want to get a six pack and pretend your the new the lead singer for the Pogues, eh? :o)

I am sorry this week has been a test of your strength, will, patience, and ability not to sound like a sailor.

May your men heal quickly, may Harold drop his cell phone in the toilet by accident (or act of Divine Providence--which is what i am wishing for) and may you soon feel like you are on top of the world again.

I always love your photos and posts, even in the bad times. Your collectables are so beautiful and your displays make them more so.

two crazy crafters

I'm sorry you've had such a bad week. I've never heard of wrong texters! How awfull!
I love that pillow your son is resting his head on! Cute trim!
I hope you have a much better weekend!Lindsey

LiLi M.

And I was thinking you were writing that book, which I insist on that you should do. Too bad you had a bad week. I still wanted to tell you that when you are in need of a fresh stock of dutch conversation hearts you only have to tell me. Spring could help. We had a lovely week the week before this one, but this one was terrible, stormy and rainy weather. So the workers didn't come. Yes every cloud has it's silver lining. I hope things improve fast. Enjoy your weekend!


Oh dear, I know just how you feel. Sometimes life comes at you fast, and you just get through the days as best as you can. I sure do hope the weekend will be better for you, and that life settles down a bit.

Take care.


Ouch, that is a crappy week. But, I do hope you can see a little humor in "Harold". People are freaks man! LOL


I am glad that you showed us the pretty things that make you happy to look at them! We have very similar tastes - I have some of the very same items - mine make me happy, too! Sorry about the rough week.


Thank you for your optimistic post in the midst of crummy circumstances. Your blog always lightens my day and I am so grateful for it. Have a wonderful weekend!

Tina in Duluth

We've missed you! Can that be number 5?

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


What a week for you! I can totally sympathize. (my hubby broke both arms last summer) Right now I hope you can take care of YOU. Your photos are lovely and it is good that you can see beauty even when life is stressful. *hugs*

Jenny S

Wow!! You deserve a big glass of wine and a girly movie!! Wish I was closer!! ;>) Hope this upcoming week will be better!!

Lavender Dreamer

Oh, I do hope things improve for your family SOON! Please don't get discouraged! I'm sending a HUG your way and wishes for a good weekend!


That's not a good week! I thought mine was bad, but your's was much worse. I hope things get better for you soon.
It's good to hear that you can find some comfort in those beautiful things you have collected in your home. I love that jar/tin/? in the second picture!


So sorry to hear about your bad week. I hope your husband and son are feeling all better and soon. After hearing about Harold I'm thinking it might not be a bad thing that I wouldn't know I'd received a text if it bit me. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that next week will be much better for you. As usual all of your photos were outstanding.

laurie - magpie ethel

What a heck of a week! Sending get well thoughts and hugs to your ENTIRE household....and especially you, hang in there!


Oh, your poor thing. And, your husband and your son too. I'm just glad things are getting better, including the Harold situation. Your pictures are gorgeous as usual. I swear you have the best stuff! Here's hoping this coming week will be a much better one than the one that just passed.

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