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March 05, 2009


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Love the chicks on the spools, sooo stinking cute!


I think the ones in the second photo are totally woodsy cute.

BTW, I do not think you should be ashamed.at.all. about being judgmental. We all do it, its only a matter of who is honest about it! LOL


I never heard of spun cotton balls. I thought you painted the wood beads! Those Chicks on Spools are cotton-pickin' adorable!

Tina in Duluth

The chicks on spools are the cutest! I've always had a fondness for pompom chicks with wire feet - we always had a fresh set on our easter baskets.

Jayme L.

I love the chicks with the hair and bonnets. The little wooden chicks with flower hats are cute, too. The ones you made with the spun cotton balls are the very best!

LiLi M.

I love the cotton ball chickies on the spools the best! Do you mean you pick another winner? (almost faints...) Though I think I am going to imitate your cotton ball chickens anyway! If I have time. As always I have lots and lots of plans.


You know, lately, I've been going through boxes of pictures and stuff I've saved over the years (thank you, Facebook) and I found a little pom pom bunny. He's cute but I only wish he had hair like these chicks. (Hey, did you know your comments box has a spell check? Yes! I so need that!)

black eyed susans kitchen

Too cute! Love the little bird on the spool.
♥, Susan


Well, those little birds on their spool perches are totally adorable!

laurie - magpie ethel

That is a bottomless box of Easter dear! I have never seen easter with plain wooden balls like that. Those whiskers? on the bunnies in the second photo resemble a moustache...an unusual trait in an Easter bunny!


see now i think the red and green wood ones are the cutest, besides yours of course!
what is spun cotton balls?


Spun cotton balls hu???? I have severe reservations about googling this term to find out more ..hmmmm do or don't I?



Oh, the bonnets are so cute as they are (didn't Judy Garland wear a striped bonnet in Easter Parade? - I gotta pull out my video soon). Ha, ha, I thought those were mustaches on the Christmas bunnies. The hippie chicks/ducks are cute, too...dressed in the Mod era.
The little birds on spools are way-cute...I'm crazy about cute bluebirds.

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