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March 15, 2009


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LiLi M.

I really love your spring colors, the print is awesome. Too bad most books are printed in only two colors, I'm always looking for childrens books with more colors too. I love this. And I love the way your pedestal turned out. The scenery on it is quite pleasant too, unbelievable that those now blue eared bunnies are so cute in this vignette and tie everything together. I mean they perfectly match your wallpaper now too! How clever!


I love the action going on on that plate! It's an Easter/Spring convention! Those chicks with the striped bonnets are sweet. What cheery decorations!

Lavender Dreamer

I need the umbrella! heehee! Love all your pretty Spring decorations! Especially the green cake stand! What a beautiful idea! I'm going to call my sister this morning and share that idea with her. She collects them and could have LOTS of displays!

Please visit me today!



I really think your pedestal plate turned out nice. I have a bowl and candlesticks in that pattern. They were my grandmother's, so it has been nice for me to see these other pieces.

The bright colors, and the pastels are equally pretty. I think I have more brighter colors in my collection of spring things, mostly due to the paper mache' eggs that I have. They tend to have a brighter green and red on them.

Another wonderful post!

Jenny S

Cute post! Thank you for sharing! I did the same thing with a clear sherbert and an unusual red plate, and then broke it!! hehehe! Clumsy me!


love the crew cuts on the chicks
great cake stand, such a clever chick you!
did you know country home and ME's home companion were no longer being published????

Shelley G in Iowa

I've wanted to try making a cake stand in this way for some time. So far no chipped ones, and I can't bear to use a perfect one.


Super cute grouping on your clever idea!

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