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March 17, 2009


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Lavender Dreamer

I've never seen a bunny like that but how cute and what a treasure they are! I love that you took them outside to experience nature! heehee! Happy Spring!


I have no idea what type of bunny they are, but they are AMAZINGLY CUTE!!! I love the faded softness with the pink eyes! Adorable.


Those bunnies are so cute! I love old stuffies, lucky you! They remind me of the velveteen rabbit, as they look well-loved.

Tina in Duluth

Your bunnies look familiar, but ????

I have chives in a pot that I've neglected for years, yet they are so forgiving! Enjoy the first harvest.

LiLi M.

That's what I like about spring above all seasons; the fresh green, the expectations. I think the bunnies are cute, Japan is a country in the far east (only joking). I didn't know you have groundhogs, to tell you the truth I didn't know this word in english! They seem so cute, but what I read here you'd better not have them!

Beth Leintz

Looks like a great day to take the bunnies for a walk!


Thanks for reminding me that I really need to get a rake and uncover our tulips! I've got a ton of them on the corner, out by the street, and last year a young guy walking past with his girlfriend would PICK one for her. EVERY DAY! Can you believe the nerve?! I don't know anything about your bunnies, except that they're darn cute, and not just for Easter! Cute pictures, as always!

urban craft

THose bunnies are adorable. Perfect for Easter, come on spring, we are all waiting. Cool blog. Thanks!


Those bunnies aren't real?


Spring is springing...today I got the package of cuteness from you, Barbara...wow, I didn't know I'd get all that...thanks, so much! I just love the little birdies on spools, the cupcake decorations, the hanky, all of it. My 5 yr old daughter was excited too & said, "how did you win this?" :)


your bunnies are adorable, sadly i know nothing of them. we have had problems with groundhogs for years....the little buggers are funny to watch tho


I must be insane -- I see those adorable bunnies and all I can think is Let's make a pattern. I'm wondering if I can tweak that puppy pattern I have and turn him into a bunny. And, notice how they have head "gaskets."

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