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March 08, 2009


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LiLi M.

Paid more than you wanted? This suitcase with contents is priceless!

(I cannot give more comment as I am murmuring that mantra 24/7 pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me,....)


Oh my Gosh! Someone robbed my pattern drawer! We can only dream of waist lines like those ladies had. At least I am speaking for myself.
Enjoy your treasures.


I love that little suitcase, and those dress patterns are killer! And just so you know, the red-winged blackbird's song is my absolute favorite! I heard one a week ago, and it instantly makes me think of summer!

Beth Leintz

The patterns are so cute- I wouldn't have let anyone else go home with them either.


When I see these vintage patterns it makes me want to take up sewing apparel again. kinda. Maybe if I had a 22 inch waist. xo, suzy


The patterns are amazing, I am swooning over them! What a great find!

Mary Ellen

You'd look fabulous in any of the dresses. I'm sure that these patterns, like most vintage patterns, have about 122 pattern pieces for each garment. The case is swell, too.


Oh what delicious patterns. I would love an excuse to wear wonderful swishy dresses like that.


You lucky gal, you! Wowie! That suitcase was a virtual pot o' gold! You should really sew one of those gowns with the rode on the hip, you'd be able to find some event to wear it to, surely. College graduation will be coming up in a few years right? Heck, you could even wear it to the next auction and maybe then people wouldn't try to outbid you?! Hey, it worked for Marylin Monroe, right? :o)

Enjoy your sorting--all of us gals wish we could be flies on the wall in your house tonight. :o)


I would have a closet full of strapless and sleeveless dress with little jackets, if they gave me a figure like those 'ladies'!!!!!!!!! How did I miss an auction? ...I'm bummed.


My question is always "How could anyone's waist be so small?" Lovely patterns!

Rabecca G

You find the best stuff!

Shelley G in Iowa

I had the same thought as a lot of the ladies, if only my waist was that small! Never the less, a great find for sure!

I went to an auction myself this weekend, came home with 4 box lots of not so great stuff. The two items I really wanted turned out to be damaged. I didn't look close enough at them. Nothing from keeping me from using them, though.

Barbara, you have me so close to starting another blog for my finds! You'll be the first to know if I do it!


What a great find all in that little suitcase - hope you did not break the bank on it. I'm looking forward to what you put up in your shop...

laurie - magpie ethel

Great finds and great fashions. I love old patterns - the illustrations are amazing too. I have the old patterns that my grandmother used to make doll clothes for my dolls when I was young....will never give them up. Glad the auction had a prize for you!


The patterns are wonderful, but that old suitcase...OH MY!

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