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March 11, 2009


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LiLi M.

Great haul again! Yes I agree with you on Princess Diana. In that time the ideal age was something like 36, which has now fallen down to 16. That's why the fashion nowadays is so little stylish. This was your cultural
anthropology reporter from the Netherlands!

Thanks for your compliments about my bedroom. While making the post I had you in mind, to show all different rose patterns really work well together (if I may say so myself).


That's it, I'm heading to the thrift store tomorrow. I love that pink striped fabric and I always NEED more vintage patterns! xo, suzy


Wouldn't it be wonderful for these styles to come back in vogue? It would also be awesome to have the waistline to go along with them.

laurie - magpie ethel

Oh how I wish my waist was that teeny tiny! Great patterns..i certainly love the look of the classic old clothes


i want to go shopping with you! i love the feedsack fabric :)


Wow, great finds! wish th e thrifts were good:( if you are going to sell the toddler pattern, I just found out i am having a baby girl.I would love to buy it!


Love the fabric & patterns. I always wondered if woman were just more slenderly built in the old days, but you bring up a good point with the girdle theory. I never found a feedsack at a thrift either, I would be thrilled! My local thrifts have been concentrating on clothing since more people are buying clothing at thrifts these days. Cool vintage stuff has been scarce. I need to get crafty and revisit my past fabric finds that are gathering dust in my stash. Can't wait 'til yard sale season!

Beth Leintz

I was thinking "Feedsacks at a thrift store- wow that Barbara knows how to shop"- but then I saw that they aren't your everyday thrift find.

Great patterns- they remind me of Laura Petrie (Mary Tyler Moore) from the old Dick Van Dyke show- I don't know why....she usually wore capris...

Tina in Duluth

I'd have to have ribs removed! What a great haul!

Jenny S

I'm with Tina...the only way I could ever do any of those is I had ribs removed! I love the full skirted look though! So June Cleaver with pearls!!


Yes! I could let it all hang out in one of those full skirts! The thrift and garage sale Gods sure do smile down on you. You ALWAYS seem to find the good stuff!


I never find feed sacks at the thrift store either, but I wish I would. I love them. Score!


you have such great thrift stores by you
lovely patterns and i think the same thing whenever i see a vintage pattern....the waists on those women!!

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