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March 04, 2009


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That bunny looks like he is kidnapping those chicks! But it's still really cute. Thanks for the good laugh about the Easter candy cane! That one left me feeling a little confused.


The yellow bunny is a bit frightening. It is supposed to be 60 degrees on Friday and my iris's are peeking though...Yea Spring!!


I think most of it is cute an charming in a vintage way! However the bunny with the plaid ears is scary!


Absolutely adorable! I even like the yellow bunny!




Welllll, I was thinking cute until we hit that red eyed patchwork rabbit. Then it started to go downhill. LOL

LiLi M.

For a moment I thought I was on the wrong blog, missing the usual openings line ;-) Fun post though, didn't you write a post of very ugly Christmas ornaments as well? Though this all makes you doubt, is this cute or just not? Like I agree on the pink chickies, the bunny should be way cuter if his face wasn't painted that odd.
So Beth is the winner hey, mmmm another dutch saying just pops up in my mind. Ever heard of 'Carrying water to the sea'? hahaha I have to admit it I'm just jealous! Congrats to Beth!


I am a HUGE HUUUUUUGE fan of the "scary cute", as I put it. I love everything especially the yellow bunny you are unsure of. :)


Cute or tacky? Can't they be both? I think maybe they're both. Or maybe that's my taste - I like both!

Jenny S

Hmmmm I'm with you on that bunny..kinda creepy!!


I like the chickens in the pipe cleaner hats! The rest scares me a little. Where is that bunny taking those chicks...and what is he going to do to with them when he gets there? Not sure I want to know...!


As cute or tacky as these items may be, you have to admit that they are better than any modern decorations that you'd see in a store. If i see one more paper mache robin's egg wreath, i think i just might die. :o) After a trip to the store this morning for groceries and a faint hope of finding something just a little cute for my little lass, i am sad to report nothing but the peeps were pleasing to the eye. Then i got home and saw your post...i would have bought any one of those items had them been in the Easter decor section of our Freddies. :o)

Definitely LOVE the bunny in the top hat--and the pipe cleaner hats on the chickens are over the top. (now i am starting to wonder how my chickens would look in a little chinamen's hat like that.) :o)

Is it more that "just a little" odd that the mosaic ear-ed bunny's ears match her apron? Love the carrot though!


ok, some of those are downright goofy! hope all is well with you!


Oh, definitely cute.

Kim G.

I'm liking these cheesy tacky Easter decorations, and (perhaps I shouldn't admit this) I think the fuzzy cart is cool. I think you should work a little makeover magic on the bright yellow fellow pulling it howevever. I'm thinking...glitter!!!! Also the little fellow from Eastmas (or Christer?)-he could use a little retro magic makover as well.

karla nathan

Beth might have liked the disturbing bunny!

By they way, I ate a whole bag of Jelly Beans after reading your last post. And yes, they do help get me in the creating mood. Beth and I were sewing all day and the jelly beans gave me the will to keep going. I'm not much of a sewer.


I think they are cute and tacky - so I will call them Cacky (or would it be Tute)? The bunny cart is the "tutest" of them all......


That bunny and the blue cart he is pulling is just down right adorable.


Hey....I'm all about cute and tacky!!!

Mary Ellen

I LOVE the velveeta colored bunny pulling the wagon. I think it's the blurry eyes.

laurie - magpie ethel

You never know what holiday decorations one will find. Good Easter vs. Bad Easter. Loving most of your finds, but the patchwork bunny ears...well it looks like a jack-a-lope! The yellow bunny pulling the cart looks like he had a few too many so they took away the car keys - and thus he resorted to pulling the cart! I do love the pipe cleaner hats on those little birds.

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