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March 04, 2009


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Yeah, that bunny pulling the cart is creepy!
I like the ducks.


If I happen to win the 2nd part of your contest *crossing my fingers and toes* I'd put up a big fuss, BUT I suppose I could be coerced to have the bunny with the cart sent to me too :-) I think it's adorable...why'o'why can't I find stuff like that where I live??? Thanks for sharing all your fun treasures. I'm hooked! lol


Lol. That's one scary Easter bunny hauling cart. But, I think most of the above decorations are cute...esp. the trio of rooster/bunny/owl.


There is something disturbingly cute about these. They are just so dime store kitsch. Gotta love 'em. xo, suzy

Vintage Whimsy

LOL OMG. I'm laughing so hard I almost choked on my Moon Pie. Island of Misfit Holiday Decorations. Hahaha Thanks for giving me a much needed laugh tonight!


Beth Leintz

I won I won I won! I'm holding my swine trophy over my head and doing the Easter bunny hop.

Cute or Tacky? I'm saying cute, because you treat them with respect- if they were all tossed in a box together, they might be tacky.


WHOA! ...and some people are scared of 'Clowns'??!


ok, that bunny with the patchwork ears is downright scary......and wrong
it should be buried in your back yard...quickly...before anyone else sees it
the chicken/birds with the pipe cleaner hats are adorable

Lavender Dreamer

How sweet! You have so many pretty Spring things! Congrats to your lucky winners! And I'm enjoying seeing all your pretty things! I LOVE your blog! Off to see more!

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