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March 02, 2009


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I don't remember if I have commented before on your blog at all...I am more of a lurker I guess ;-)
But I love the photos and finds and read your blog regularly.
Pink bunnies are sooooooo cute!

Elizabeth Holcombe

What wonderfully Springy creations! I love these! Perfect to have such eye candy in the midst of all of this snow!~~~XXOO, Beth

Tina in Duluth

The sibling rivalry photo is so, so cute, but are you sure she isn't saying "look out, Barbara" instead of "look out, Carson"? haha

Thanks for showing us spring chicks and bunnies. We still have SNOW on the ground here. March certainly came in like a lion.


I love all of your Easter and springtime goodies. Now that the snow from yesterday is cleared I am going out to get some jelly beans today. I like the cheap kind with the thick sugar skin.

Heidi German

I know Easter isn't for more than a month but I'm in serious need of some bunnies and chicks STAT! Thanks for the fun giveaway! :)


I have to enter a giveaway for cute bunny accessories, even though I don't need more STUFF! Love the photo of John and the furry family members...


How Cute! Pick me! Pick me!!

I love Easter!




I am a bunny lover from way back. I have a bunch, I think they do multiply though. Always room for a few more though! Happy Spring!


four footed sibling rivalry cracks me up! They are soooo sly and jealous aren't they!?


What did I miss? I've been sick this past week...is it Easter yet? :)
Cute stuff and aren't those "kids" darling snuggling on poppa!

black eyed susans kitchen

Love the bunnies and the concept of springtime as I look out at all of this snow (yuck!). The pictures of the cat and the dog trying to get the most attention cracked me up.
♥, Susan


The cupcake picks are soooo cute! Thanks for the opp. :) xo

Stephanie  Coop

I love your collection of goodies!
Count me in!

Shelley G in Iowa


You crack me up the comment about the island of misfit holiday decorations. That bunny is a bit peculiar. Wasn't it just about 10 days ago we were discussing whether or not it was too early to decorate? I had taken my boxes out of storage. They still are sitting on my family room floor! Oh well, there's always tomorrow!


There are some really disturbing things in that box. A treasure trove gone to hell. :) But there are enough cute things to make up for it. Thanks for sharing.

laurie - magpie ethel

I don't even know if I am too late...but I'm throwing my name in the hat just in case


you cat is polydactil??
how cool is that. i love those kitties
that is so funny that they fight for his love!!


it just occurred to me why here name is polly!

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