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March 02, 2009


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Lavender Dreamer

What fun! We are in a major winter storm so a little Springtime cheer would be very welcome! Love your photos and your blog! Thanks!

karla nathan

Great. Now I won't be able to concentrate on working until I get some jelly beans. They are perfect for getting the creative juices flowing!

Your little bunnies and chicks are cute as can be. I really like the yellow chick with the blue flowered box!!


Those bunnies are the epitome of Spring/Easter! And that chick in the back looks like a vintage Easter decoration to me. I bet you HAD to take that picture of Polly & Carson as proof that they CAN get along!

Jenny S

How fun!! Please add me in!! We used to have a cat while I was growing up that was the most laid back cat you have ever met...until I got my little mutt. They went at it like the proviberial cat and dog. It was funny to watch as the cat outweighed the dog by a good five lbs!!


I need jelly beans now, may have hubby pick some up on his way home!!!


Mortal enemies?!? Your husband is a very brave man! :o)

I love your Easter-y displays. Who couldn't love happy cheerfully coloured bunnies en mass?! Resistance is futile--just as it was for Carson to see Polly getting the best spot in the house all to her own. :o)

Spring's comin'...i promise!!

Jayme L.

Love the bunnies! I've been outside tromping through the snow and enjoying the beautiful blue skies. Not exactly the spring I was hoping for, but pretty just the same. I'm hoping the sun will melt the snow off my daffodils and I'll get a little color showing. Thanks for the chance to win!

Patti Tappel

What no licorce jelly beans?


How can you even think to question the legitimacy of the Jelly Bean Food group?!!!!


I just pulled some cupcakes from the oven and they are begging for those cute bunny picks to make them look a bit more spring-like. How generous of you to offer 2 giveaways. Love all of your pictures. Keep 'em coming.

Your last photo was too funny. Your husband must have been nice and warm with those 2 furry bundles snuggling up to him.

Rabecca G

Cute bunnies! I bought jelly beans this past weekend, I am so ready for spring. Thanks for letting me join the fun.

LiLi M.

I would love to be a winner! I love it when there is a fight over one's sympathy even if it is a cat and a dog. It's good to be loved.

Mmm I reread my comment on your previous post.
Is it cat's song? that is not a real dutch way of saying but my own. Its the sound the cats make in spring to tell other cats that they want to have some sexual interaction. Or is it about the rain? It rains here all year long, it's no particular sign of what season whatsoever, or is it something else that I said?
Talk to you soon!


I'd love to get in on the giveaway fun as I've been lurking for awhile *oogling* all your fun vintage treasures. I'm the one from eBay who'd asked about how to construct the aluminum tree wreath you had for auction...haven't gotten to making the wreath yet, but I've been following and enjoying your blog ever since. Thanks so much!


I would love a litle springtime pick-me-up! Please enter me in your give-away. I was looking at your little half circle needlecase, delightful! I also have a lot of old embroidery that isn't in A-1 condition on the cloth part but the embroidery is worth saving. Nice idea for gifties when passing a RR or something.

Mary Ellen

Love the cake picks. I also love the way the dog is pretending that the cat doesn't even exist. Too funny!


We can identify with the fight for attention!
We have two dogs and it is so funny to see the way they fight for our attention! Especially when we get home.
I hope you had a lovely weekend, Lindsey


We got slammed w/ snow here in MA as well, so much for the spring thawing that was starting to take place. Cute story about the pet rivalry. We rescued a cat several years ago that has some "issues". I am always jealous of people with normal affectionate pets! We love him anyway though!


Dangit. Am I too late?? I love these littel bunnies.

Beth Leintz

Oh my gosh if they weren't so cute, I'd say you have an infestation of bunnies.

Carson and Polly are adorable- I'm guessing that snuggling didn't last too long.


We are so ready for spring! You photos make me long for a beautiful green spring. We missed the snow, and in fact we have missed almost all moisture for the past several months. Our spring might not be so green.

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