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April 30, 2009


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ACK!!! too cute. how does this kind of thing always happen to you??? such sweetness.
im glad you put you in a better mood :o)


So cute, love the napping pictures. Baby squirrels can be quite friendly. A group of babies squirrels that lost their mom to a car showed up on my neighbor's porch. The neighborhood kids had a ball playing with them, they were so friendly. Everyone was sad when they went to the proper wildlife authorities to become regular squirrels again! So glad you got some cute pics!

Tina in Duluth

I can't wait to show these pictures to my son! When he was 3 he liked squirrels so much he asked for one for Christmas. We got them gerbils, but on Christmas morning my 2 year old daughter exclaimed, "sqeeeils in a bucket!" We've had a total of 9 rodents thus far - gerbils, hamsters, and rats, but no squirrels!


Those pics are absolutely PRECIOUS! I don't think I've ever seen a napping squirrel...how sweet! Love the pics...thanks for sharing!

Oh, and I LOVE the vintage Vogue patterns you found...they are awesome!

Shelley G in Iowa

OMG- he so adorable! The pics of him sleeping! So darned cute!

I also loved what you did with the patterns, so very clever! I need to go back and study those pics again. The tape measure and buttons.....LOVE IT! You have got those creative juices flowin' for sure!




Ok, you've officially made me feel guilty for comtemplating getting a BB gun to scare the squirrels away from the expensive bird food. I only thought about it for, like, 15 seconds, and then I quit smiling and realized I couldn't hurt a fly. Those pictures sure are amazing. I would have been screaming if it climbed up my leg though. Did your husband scream? And what kind of camera do you use? Although I think it's the operator of the camera that's responsible for all the great pictures!


My grandaughter Layla and I just read your story twice. She wanted me to let you know it was a great story.


love the one of him sleeping! so cute :)


How in the world did you ever get a picture of a napping squirrel? That is just beyond precious.


What a wonderful close encounter. That little squirrel couldn't be any cuter and you got some great photos.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

OMG...I would never have thought a squirrel could be so cute!!

Michelle Palmer

AMAZING! These are soooo precious! We've been taking photos of our squirrels...but nothing as spectacular as these~
Thanks so much for sharing...

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