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April 23, 2009


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karla nathan

I'll bet she wasn't smart enough to have extra sugar bowls, and got mad when her hubby broke hers.


I have a couple of those sugar bowls in the cupboard as well,no kidding. I need to keep extras around for when my sister comes for a visit. Last time she dropped the lid.
I'm selling two sundae (banana) EAPC bowls at my moving sale tomorrow. Maybe I should reconsider.

Susan@the cozychickadee

Yikes, super wierd! Love the sugar bowls, and all you r darling tableware!

barbara williams

Hey, now if you want to get rid of the creamer and that sugar bowl I'll take them off your hands. I love that pattern.Those colors POP. oh yes, attics are the best.and the smell. Have a good one. aunt barbie


ooouuuu....I would have liked to have been there at your table as well....surrounded by all the mis-matched loveliness I'm seeing!!
Oh and yes....I will watch....must go now and check local listings...sounds eerily good!!


That is so weird. This is off topic too, but don't forget people, she also has large wild pigs running around in the woods surrounding her house! That would scare me more than a bear!


Wow -- what a pretty table! :-)

Besides the tantalizing title "Black Widow," the show will be hosted by that cutie-pie and hometown boy David Muir!


I had planned on watching that, but thanks for the reminder! Well, there's that plate again, that I love so much. I am going to check out a Homer Laughlin book at the library so that I can find out the name of that pattern, and hopefully find one for myself. Honestly, if I was invited to have coffee at your house, I would be tripping over my own two feet! You set one pretty table!


Lucky ladies to sit at your kitchen table and have coffee in such a lovely setting. How nice that the boys have remained friends for all this time too.


Ewwww...that is weird! I love that creamer and sugar bowl. No one ever has coffee at my house, so I don't get to use mine :(

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tina in Duluth

I love this post and the people who comment. This is why I read blogs of former strangers!

Great tip about distracting your guests. You should include that in your book.

Have a great weekend!

Molly F

You must be around Atlanta, that sounds like a story I've been hearing about in the news, then Atlanta Magazine, then the news for years now.


So, you not only know Bruce Springsteen but you also have a neighbor who murdered two of her husbands. Wow!


creepy, its not you, is it???
those plates are so gorgeous i love that pattern
are those the ones that i asked if they were universal potteries? sorry your sugar bowl bit the big one, but its good you have stock!

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