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April 16, 2009


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You may have created a next-generation embroiderer!

My nieces were both very interested in learning to cross-stitch and then lost interest in a big way when they realized how many little x's they'd have to stitch to make even a small project. I'm still hoping I planted a seed, though...

LiLi M.

That wallvase on the wallpaper is perfect! I love your embroidery too and I can see you in the waiting room 'performing the ancient art of embroidery' before everybodies amazed eyes. Like puppies these kind of crafts do stimulate social contacts!


Hee-hee you're one of us now! I bring my embroidery to my daughter's ballet class and I have often brought it to McDonald's playland while they played.
Aw, love that wall pocket.


I LOVE the wall pocket:) I always take my knitting to Dr's apts, it make you feel like you are not wasting your time while waiting:)


your embriodery is lovely! so sweet that she wanted to sit with you and watch!! hope all is well :)

two crazy crafters

Love your wall pocket! I collect those too! Twyla

Vintage Whimsy

I like your embroidery. I was taught some basic embroidery when I was maybe 11 but I didn't really take to it then. Of course now I'd love to learn again and I keep thinking I should pick up a book that can teach me. I might have to do that this weekend!


People have an innate desire to work with their hands. Maybe you inspired them!


I love that wallpocket, great colors. Isn't that funny about the stitchin' in the waiting room? Probably 50 years ago it would have been a common thing for ladies to take their stitchin' with them, on the train or where ever. No it's a big novelty to see someone using their time in public (not on the bluetooth!) that way. xo, suzy


your wallpocket is very pretty
i know what you mean about the prices on them tho
there are two at my local quilt mall that i would love to get my grubby big hands on, but could never justify the expense
i love that the little girls were interested in your "knitting" :o)
when i take projects to the local bookstore my hubby frowns on me, he says its like im showing off. huh? wha???


Ohhhhh.. I miss my embroidery!!!... got to dig it back out for the Summer!

Maddie, who is SURE that you are more interesting than The View!

p.s. Got my package!

Send Flowers to Philippines

Oh. this is great! What a lovely wall pocket you have, very attractive. i love the flowers on it looks refreshing. keep it up!


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