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April 21, 2009


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Lavender Dreams

What a great recipe! Thanks! Now I'm hungry! lol


No trouble, you say? I see trouble coming for my wasteband! Only 4 ingredients? This is right up my alley, because I hate to cook. Anything with more than 6 ingredients, I'm overwhelmed and bored, all at the same time. These are going to be dangerous....

LiLi M.

I think we are the only country besides the US that actually eat peanut butter (oh and our former colony Surinam perhaps, I think they make soup out of it). Somehow your posts always hit me on the nostalgic spot. When I was a kid I used to have the Barbie cook book, which was translated from the american original. Of course I wanted to cook something out of it, but I knew before asking that my mom wouldn't allow me to use the stove. So I made...peanut butter cookies, that just had to 'stiffen up'. Now the ingredients were a bit of a problem too, but I thought that syrop was more or less the same as apple syrop. What could be wrong with salted peanuts? Was an orange not almost the same as a lemon? And so on. Somehow I managed to make a brown poop like substantion which my friend, who was invited for the party, refused to eat. So I ate the entire substantion and I was ill for about 3 days. Sorry, nog peanutbutter cookies anymore for me!


Oh, those sound delicious!

Tina in Duluth

The sharing part stinks!


Oh how I love "easy bake" recipes...I'm going to teach my kids to make these. Today.

karla nathan

Aren't they amazing? I used to make these as a kid, since it was so simple, and I still love them as a big kid.


I've seen similar recipes before and just couldn't believe they could "work" without flour and butter. Judging by your mouthwatering photo ~ they definitely work and since I have several jars of peanut butter on hand I will be trying them for sure!!


I have to try this because it's hard to believe this will work without flour.


I might have to break down and make some cookies for my husband - he wants peanut butter. Unfortunately, I pretty much love ALL cookies- and they are a great temptation to me while I struggle to stay on my weight loss program!
P.S. There you go again - posting a great photo that just so happens to include lovely vintage items that we have in common. Love it.


I love peanut butter cookies. But my family not so much. So I TRY not to make them. Yours look yummy.

Jenny www.theredbulletinboard.blogspot.com

Wow I will have to try these!


Barb--thanks so much for the recipe. This week, of all weeks for you to post that, especially! This afternoon at 12:30, i got the call from the M-I-L saying she'd come and spend the evening with us. Doh!

Well, she'll see our house in "all its glory"--2.5 foot pile of laundry, half the sink full of dishes and the dishwasher waiting to be unloaded, all the yard a sheer mess and only one table out of two is ready for dining. However, she'll have these great cookies of yours, waiting for her in her room when she arrives this evening. And another baggie of them to take with her on her flight tomorrow.

Thank you!!! You are a saint, you know?!? (Of course, when i weigh in on Monday at WW, i might be caught in my glutonness ways.) :o)



We just scarfed down two batches of caramel corn and I don't have enough popcorn to make more so I will be making these tomorrow. Thank you for sharing the recipe!


oh these will be made tomorrow! my pooper is dying for a sweet and we have run out of butter! so this will be her afternoon sweet!
thanks so much for the recipe, by the by, where did you get it?

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