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April 26, 2009


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Tina in Duluth


I've been looking for old sewing machines and found a beautiful lavender 1960 Gimbels brand. It made me sad that I was cautioned out of buying it from a repair man. I wonder what Alice and Edna sewed on?

I've been looking for seam binding in that color for a vintage dress my daughter has! And whoever thought pointy darts were a good idea? Is that all that worked with the undergarments of the day? A & E would have known!

Allie in MI

Oh my goodness wouldn't you have LOVED to have known them. I bet they had stories to tell!!!!


How much fun was that! I always wonder about the lives of the people at these estate sales. I went to one recently that the man had worked at NASA Langley and there was framed memorabilia about the Apollo rockets. I wondered what his role had been.
Great patterns and notions! xo, suzy


Oh that sounds like such fun! I love your story, the real story, and looking at some of the treasures you found!


What a great sale! And what a great couple of sisters! I love making up stories for the things I have bought. I love the real story even more. Thanks for sharing Barbara ;)


You know I love reading your posts but this is my most favorite of all (is it OK to link to it tomorrow?). I'm in the middle of sewing my daughter's communion dress and feeling a little overwhelmed...but your post/story about the sisters, the pretty notions, the plans for sewing...makes me want to get back to it this morning and finish the dress.


What a wonderful story - thanks very much for going back the second day and sharing with the rest of us! Jewels


When I go to an estate sale, I always wonder about the people who's stuff I am rummaging through. I think it's so cool that you went back and found out about these great ladies, and every time you look at these finds, you'll think of Alice & Edna!


Wow, what a great story! It's so wonderful that their things went to someone who can appreciate the sisters themselves.


Great story! I love it all, girls after my own heart!


Oh swoon!.. what a wonderful thing to find.. and then to feel so connected!.. what a happy thing!

Maddie, dithering on where to put her mushrooms!


such a fun game! i like both stories of their lives. oh how i envy them! i have always believed i was born in the wrong era.
those patterns are so gorgeous, and the notions are so fabulous


Neat, neat! The patterns alone are awesome let alone the notions....Thanks for posting I enjoyed reading it .


Oh, I love this kinda stuff SO much! That's the best part of finding vintage items, wondering about the people who owned them and what their lives were like. How would they ever know how excited we get finding these treasures - just everyday treasures? I am always wondering about the people behind the objects...they lived through the decades that I wished that I had ('course, sometimes I wonder about how uncomfortable wearing garters/stockings & girdles to get into those ultraslim clothes...lol).
Thank goodness for all the people, like the sisters, who saved everything & for those like you who value and share them. :)

laurie - magpie ethel

I think this is one of the reasons I am so drawn to estate sales - women like Edna and Alice. I love to take a peek into a person's life and figure out what made them tick and what they saved. I like that you played detective and found out the real story with these two...thanks for sharing!

Beth Leintz

I would have loved to go to the Alice & Edna estate sale- but you already knew that. I often do the same thing at sales and try to figure out just WHO lived in the house. Good for you for asking.

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