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April 29, 2009


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Tina in Duluth

That Edna really tells it like it is. So, please don't tell her I bought 2 dresser scarves, 2 doilies and 2 pillowcases, all with crocheted edges last Saturday! I'm not even going to mention the all embroidered hand towels...oops!

I'll be taking the stairs...and reading your blog when I get to the office. ;)


Clutter?! I guess my house is filled with clutter then! I love looking at yours and everyone elses TREASURES!

Tina in Duluth

And you better believe I'll be chatting it up with Alice on my break!


Well, Alice and Edna said it all..
Please keep blogging the way you do! I love your blog! I don't comment often because I would constantly repeat myself oh-ing and ah-ing over the stuff you post.
I read only a few blogs and yours is on the top of my list, right after to soulemama, beauty that moves and artsy crafty babe. That should say enough, shouldn't it? I love your blog because you are unique in your subjects, take beautiful pictures and have the greatest stuff to show.
So I'm totally with Edna: screw 'em!


I found you via the blog you mentioned. Based upon 3 years of reading her, she WOULD NOT have linked to you if she didn't like your blog. As Alice said, she likes your blog just doesn't have the same taste in decorating.
After spending hours reading your blog yesterday, guilty of being on for at least 2 hours, you seem to part with most of your stuff that you collect. I, personally, am very glad to have found your blog via the above noted path and have gotten so many ideas of what to do with all my found treasures now. Or once the baby learns what freaking NO means. ;)
Don't stop blogging, I need your ideas as I am addicted to rummage sales, vintage stores and resale shops. I need your help to organize my treasure so my husband doesn't take away my car keys every weekend.


I agree with everyone else, including Alice and Edna. Anyone who can get upset over some dresser scarves obviously has nothing better to do with his/her time.

I, on the other hand, was inspired by your treasures and loved the story you made up about the sisters, as well as the real one!



two crazy crafters

As a collector myself, I adore seeing your collections and I will stand by the motto - If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all! Anyone who would be that rude doesn't deserve to be considered anyway. We LOVE your blog just the way it is, don't change a thing (not even your dresser scarves). Twyla


I need Edna's phone number so I can talk to her when I get upset! hahaha!!! You have a beautiful blog and try just to let comments like that roll off your back - it is not worth it to worry about things like that! BTW, I recently read I Capture the Castle and thought it was one of the best books I have read in a long time, and I read a lot!! Thanks for the recommendation awhile ago!


Funny, I read a blog post yesterday which referred to your Alice and Edna, but this one found you all inspiring! As do I : )http://janesapron.typepad.com/


I look forward to reading your blog every day -- it's not just the great stuff you find (and I happen to have a particular fondness for dresser scarves), but the clever and humorous way that you write about each acquisition. Don't let her get you down...obviously there are hoards of us out here who are huge fans.

karla nathan

I could use an Edna on my side too. I got a "clutter" remark from someone, I would if it is the same person?


I would have just two words for that blogger... BITE ME. Maybe a few more... Get a life and get on with it.
There is a blog for every taste and if negativity is your thing then go read those kinds of blogs and stay away from our happy place over here in this little corner of blogland.
My blog may light and fluffy but that's the way I want it to be.
Hey, that purse pattern is to die for. I hope it makes it to your shop some day :->

Jayme L.

I'm loving the stories of Alice and Edna! I look forward to your writing along with your vintage finds. I, too, saw janes apron mention your blog in the way I feel about it. And dresser scarves are useful - my husband keeps putting hand towels on his nightstand, which I promptly replace with nice, plain, linen dresser scarves. Much prettier!


OK - just let me say I read dozens of blogs a day. I think they're great. I just discovered your blog yesterday & thought it was the best I had ever read. I have never left a comment for a blogger before & just had to let you know how wonderful your blog is. Please, don't let the sour people in blogland get to you. Just keep up the entertaining, wonderful blogging.


I also discovered you blog just yesterday, via janesapron.typepad.com and I am in agreement with her. You are inspiring! I have been enjoying the Alice and Edna story very much and in addition, I think your photos are simply incredible. Just letting you know...


Would you like me to beat this person up? Because I will if you want me to. I think you and your blog are THE BOMB! Can't wait 'til your next post, because you inspire me every day!


Hello there! I really enjoyed the Alice and Edna story and I'm grateful that you took the time to learn more about them. It makes me happy to read your blog. And I wanted to kiss Arlen, too. :)


My mantra - will matter when I'm lying on my deathbed - definetly not. Don't sweat it and move on cause life is wayyyyyyyyy to short! Jewels

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh no! Dresser scarves are out?! I'm so out of touch! teehee I don't comment here often but I love your blog and I would give Arlen a big kiss on the lips too!!

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