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April 03, 2009


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LiLi M.

I just needed this post; a blogger gave me some sweet pea seeds, but now I need to know when (that will be now, I think just learned that) I can put them in the ground and what is the distance between the seeds? Please help me!
Good luck on sales tomorrow!

Ps we had snow last Easter! And you have to know that a white Christmas is quite exceptional over here.

Amy S.

I heard on Martha Stewart that you are supposed to plant them on St. Patrick's Day last year. So I tried it and sure enough it worked!Happy Planting!

black eyed susans kitchen

As soon as our pea plants started to sprout, the rabbits ate them...and the deer ate the tulips! Very frustrating. Hope yours come up good...take a picture when they do.


i can't wait to get out garden going! i didn't know you had to plant some of these so early. i better get crackin'


At least you found a yardstick this a.m. I hit 6 sales and gone pretty much zilch (altho a couple good free things - post coming) And I think your dad was right about peas - I have always planted sweet peas on St. Patty's day (or thereabouts) with good results. (I also put my seeds between wet papertowels for a day or two (indoors) so the hard casing opens a bit - don't know where I learned that - but it works!!!


We just got our garden in the ground! Running a little late, but I think we'll be good. It's not like I have frost to worry about, lol. Still need to plant our corn and I want to try butternut squash to make into baby food when Morgan gets bigger. I need to get some flowers, too!


pretty ruler! what is it about old rulers that are so appealing??? i love them too. you reminded me of my fil with all this planting...maybe i need to run over and check the progress of the rhubarb??? turtle collectables huh? actually my father used to own raise turtles....dont know why i wrote that??? i know lettuce loves cold weather, maybe i will try to get outside and check our beds before we get any more snow!

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