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April 24, 2009


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LiLi M.

Of course you stopped buying aprons...and started buying special aprons only! Great buy, never apologize for buying anything beautiful!

Have a great weekend! With lots and lots of special aprons!


Are you sure that apron didn't just sprout from your garden..really clever photos! Have a great weekend.


I wouldn't have been able to pass that beauty up either! Oh, and I watched 20/20. That case must have been mesmerizing to follow. She did it. I have no doubt.

Jennifer Conway

Ha! How could you not buy that apron - it's just too perfect! I hear you though - I "popped" in to my local thrift store tonight and left with a large bag of vintage table linens (obviously from the same estate). aaaaaarrrrgggghhhh - how many table linens/aprons does a person need?! *smiles* ~Jen

Tina in Duluth

What timing to find that beautiful apron when your own garden is seemingly sprouting the inspiration for it!

You have moved from collecting any apron to collecting just the finest specimens. You're like a museum and it is a noble cause because you don't just keep the beauties to yourself, but you share on the world wide web.


Of course you bought that apron, it is beautiful and in season. It seems like another theme brewing. Think of all your previous aquiring an education and now that you are an expert you are curating enviable collection.

Shelley G in Iowa

Your new apron looks right at home among your tulips and daffodils! Very pretty! Don't stop buying! I like seeing them!


Without a doubt that apron had to come home with you. The photo with the picket fence is magazine worthy. Lovely post!!


I love the apron. I also love your sugar bowls but was too busy making jokes about women who kill their husbands to mention that.


oh yes! i think its ok to make exceptions, especially such pretty ones
i like how you snapped it

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