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April 04, 2009


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Allie in MI

Woohooo, lucky you!!!!! Those are darling! Can't believe you got all that done before 11am - I didn't even get out of bed til then [severe insomnia]! Send me a pot of that coffee, lol.


LOL I am exhausted just reading that list. I will be lucky to get the grocery store done today.

(but ahem, we did spend 2 hours yard saling.)

LiLi M.

I would be sattisfied if you only would tell the brand and your secret recipe of the coffee. I didn't drink coffee; I wanted to visit the museum at 11.00 am and arrived at 2.00 pm (we would write 11.00 and arrived at 14.00, but we don't say that). Those aprons are to die for! Your choice is my favorite too. Thanks for giving me directions how to put the sweet pea seeds in the ground, but you already understood that I didn't manage to do that too.
Have a nice weekend!

Beth Leintz

I feel like a lazy slug- its 3pm and I'm still in my pjs.

I totally LOVE the apron pattern- it is the BEST.

I was just getting ready to do a blog post that has some vintage baby hangers and I thought- I wonder if Miss Barbara and I are on the same page about hangers, too? So, do you have any?

two crazy crafters

I've got that pattern too!!!!
Now I am dying to know what else you got today?
Something odd but that you've always wanted? Ooooh I can't wait to see it!


Will you share?? seriously, I am DYING to make that apron for Christmas! And my daughter has the candy cane one (the kiddie version, but it's even cuter!)


Those aprons are all adorable. Makes me wish I was a seamstress. Any chance you could send a pot of that coffee this way? I could use that kind of energy.


Doesn't it look like the other two ladies on the pattern are gazing enviously at the Santa/chimney apron? As well they should!

I'm impressed with your energy--spring must agree with you!


What a productive day...you go girl and get another cup of coffee! Those aprons are wonderful - love the santa one of course!

Tina in Duluth

Good score! And, I need some of that coffee!


Great pattern-lucky you! I love vintage and vintage-look aprons!

jenny S

Send some of that coffee my way! All I have done this morning is ....BLOG?? hehehe!

black eyed susans kitchen

That really is a great pattern. Super fun aprons...great for gifts!
♥, Susan


um, yea, can i get me some of that there coffee you drink?? geez, i dont think i even thought of that much before 11!
the apron is adorable...will you be making one?


Oooo, I love that apron pattern..and would have fainted dead away with happiness if I had found something so wonderful. Of all the apron patterns
I've collected tho, just can't cut into the older ones.This one could make me change my mind..:).

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