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April 27, 2009


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Oh, a back-only-fauxlero? You've gotta send that one to A Dress A Day!

I love the idea of the last dress in corduroy - gorgeous.

Allie in MI

Oh my I love the bathing suit. Sure wish you'd found pics of the sisters in their creations, lol!


Hi I just found you by accident....Lucky me! I love these patterns and I noticed in your previous posts that you sell on e-bay. Can you tell me if you have a link or store so that I can view any patterns you may have for sell? thank you


awesome patterns. those colors are so vibrant. nice find!! i would love to wear any of the dresses or swimsuits.
perhaps alice realized what a goof she made trying to use corduroy????

Tina in Duluth

Thanks for sharing - this is so much fun!

I love the suits in the first shots.


Oh yes! Thanks so much for sharing! I love looking at these lovely patterns. Are you going to show us more from Alice and Edna? I hope so!


I think the "stylish" pictures are just wonderful - and dont' we all wish for that waist size! Beautiful - thanks for sharing. Jewels


You and those patterns! You seem to find them everywhere! I love estate sales of women who sew well, so much fun stuff. Last year I went to an estate sale of a retired dressmaker. Boxes of Vogue Paris Original & Couturier patterns for 2 dollars a box, a dream come true. And to think the "dealers" had been there the night before & left them all behind.


That's my kind of bathing suit! And the red and blue dresses (second from last picture)? You would definitely have seen me in one of those, back in the day, doing my grocery shopping, or picking up The Beaver from baseball practice!

Laurie Buck

Hi there...

First off...love your blog!

Came here from MonkeyBox's blog, because you commented on how much you liked the 'lady' Christmas ornaments. I have the same set, new in the vintage sealed package up for auction on ebay. Search for Buckarooandco. Not quite as cheap as she found them for, though! They really ARE adorable!


I just found your blog, I love it.
So fun! One of these days I'm going to go back to the beginning because I don't want to miss anything!
Hope to see more on Alice and Edna!

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