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April 30, 2009


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Tina in Duluth

That wrapping idea is SO CUTE!

laurie - magpie ethel

Loving that you got your desired pincushion. I totally believe in the good kharma thing - what goes around comes around. Life is all about spreading the good and happy.


Another pretty table setting! I also believe in spreading the good kharma around. I try to do a good deed every day if I can!

Beth Leintz

I did something similiar when I wrapped things up at an antique show- I used pattern tissue paper and vintage pattern envelopes as paper bags. Customers loved it.

(It was kind of hard for me to part with the pattern envelopes, but it did make a lot of people smile- and then they probably put them in the garbage...oh, well)


oh good karma indeed! i saw somewhere where they had a apothocarie jar filled with old tomato pincushions, talk about love! someone sent me a swap and it was wrapped in the tissue pattern paper. i thought it was a great touch. i like your wrapping very very much...especially that vintage seam binding. perfect!


I have an old enamel pitcher just like that. I love to fill it with flowers too. What a pretty vignette this whole post is.

I'm so sorry to read in one of your other posts, that someone was unkind Barbara. I can't imagine anyone ever thinking your blog was anything other than thoughtful and inspiring. Even if one doesn't want as much stuff, your arrangements are always so attractive to me, and you are good to provide informative information too. I've learned within blogging, that there's just no way to make everyone happy. Just be your own sweet self. Like my friend Kelli said to me, some folks need to be reminded, that's what the "back" button is for.


Late answering but I DID LOVE IT when the parcel came - really appreciated the extra touch (and I actually kept the shredded stuff cause you never know when you can reuse) Thanks so much! Jewels

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